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    Default Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    I know the Baby Bargains book is keen on the Diaper Genie, but I'm wondering about some similar things I've seen out there that use regular garbage bags. Does anyone have any experience? Are they stinky? Should I just ignore all else and stick with the Diaper Genie?



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    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    Go for the Diaper Champ! We've been really happy with it (my daughter is 4.5 months old). I LOVE that it uses regular diaper bags. It has easy one-handed access. It doesn't smell at all. It traps the smell very well. I have no complaints, and I'm very glad to not have to buy all those expensive Diaper Genie refills.

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    MinnieMouse Guest

    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    We have both the Fisher Price diaper pail and the Diaper upstairs and one downstairs. (Got a used changing table at a consignment shop for downstairs too...only $20!! and we are SOOO happy we did)

    I like them both. They both take regular kitchen garbage bags...but I think that the Diaper Champ is easier to use with one hand, and easier to change the bags. That have to make sure you wrap up the diaper so nothing gets all over the "lid" of the pail...and you don't have to worry about that with the Fisher Price one.

    One of my friends (no kids) thanked me for not getting the Diaper Genie...she said that she was baby sitting her neice and nephew once and couldn't figure out how to use it...and thier diapers ended up in the garbage pail.


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    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    Well, here's a vote for the Diaper Genie. :-) My daughter is almost 6 months and we also have 2, one upstairs in the nursery and one downstairs on our main living level. It takes a little practice to get used to the diaper genie (maybe a day or so), but after that it is no big deal. I don't have any difficulty using it one handed (which means squirming baby in the other hand!) which I think I have read that some people complain about. We have no problems with smells whatsoever and since we have one right outside our kitchen / dining area, this is VERY important to us.

    I haven't used a diaper champ. Some of the other moms in my mommy group have them and like them though. The refills for the diaper genie can be expensive, but I usually stock up when they are on sale at places like Target.

    Beth, mom to older DD (8/01) and younger DD (10/06) and always missing Leah (4/22 - 5/1/05)

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    kk Guest

    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    We love the champ. My 15 month old has some pretty stinky diapers and the champ handles them with ease. Above all, using your own garbage bags is a huge plus. We use the Glad odor shield bags. KK

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    raynjen Guest

    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    We love our Diaper Champ. Our daughter is only 4 months, so have no experience with the really smelly stuff yet, but so far it has done great. Here is why I like it: we don't even buy garbage bags for it we use our plastic grocery bags (in my opinion better than garbage bags because they are "free" and you can use the handles to tie them shut), the Champ is very easy to use one handed (drop diaper in flip handle over), it is self-explanatory for visitors (I babysat over at a friends house and couldn't figure out how to use the Genie - all the diapers ended up in her kitchen garbage), no smell. Of course it will smell when you open it to change out the bag, but all diaper pails do that and I keep a can of Lysol handy to spray the interior down whenever I change out the bag. One grocery bag will hold about half a weeks worth of diapers for us. I think we put more diapers in it than the normal person would because my husband is very fastidious about the diapers. Hope this helps.

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    Geebee Guest

    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    Here is my limited experience...My daughter is two years old, and I had to buy a new diaper thing about four months ago. I had a hand-me-down Diaper Genie, but it was the old style and the refills are no longer manufacutured.

    I decided to a do a little research (and not depend on her being potty-trained by the time that I ran out of the old-style refills!). I noticed that a friend of mine (also with a now-2-year-old) had a Diaper Champ, so I asked her how she liked it. She said it stinks after a few days, but, other than that, she likes it. Well, my old Diaper Genie would only stinks when I open it. It contained the smell even if it is full to the brim with 2 year old diapers (when your baby starts eating table food, their diapers become much worse!). So I decided to go with the new Diaper Genie.

    I hope that helps!

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    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    I also have a Diaper Genie and we like it. One of those things that either you love it or you hate it. We haven't had a problem with smells from it either. I spent a few minutes when we first got it figuring it out, but once you do, it's not such a bad design. I did have to give my husband a few lessons on how to use it (he refused to read the directions himself, but wouldn't pay attention to me when I would explain it--men!). Now he's the one that gets to empty it all the time and put in the refills.

    --Sue B.
    SAHM to Evan Jeffrey 03-11-01

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    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    We borrowed a Diaper Genie and I used it only for about my daughters first 2 weeks. It's impossible to open with one hand, and it takes about 5 steps to get your diaper in and closed back up. I abandoned using it in favor of just tossing diapers in the kitchen trash. (breastfeeding= no stinkies :D)

    Now that we're using formula and solid food, I just put each stinker into a plastic grocery bag and into the kitchen trash it goes. I have a friend with a 3 year old and baby, and she does the same thing. I just don't think I can justify the purchase of a diaper pail when grocery bags do the same job!

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    evansdad Guest

    Default RE: Diaper Genie/Diaper Champ, etc.

    We have both - one I bought and one was a gift. To be honest, our best approach has been to just take out the trash each time our now one year old poo's. His room has never smelled, and we just keep a bunch of small trash bags on hand to replace in the trash can.

    that's my 2 cents

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