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    tilly2321 Guest

    Default wooden high c hair?

    We are considering getting a wooden high chair since we will have a small kitchen and like the look of the wood and the ease of cleaning. The one I looked at does not have a safety harness or anything. Can anyone recommend a device that will hook on a wooden high chair to keep baby safe? Anyone out there using a wooden, I would love your input!


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    GreenIZ1971 Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    Hi, we are also interested in wooden high chairs and have hit the same wall as you on safety. You can buy the material harnesses at most baby stores that will fit with the wooden chairs. We were looking for a chair with a t-bar but can't find one anywhere. The best selection of wooden high chairs we found was at an unfinished furniture store - they had about 4-5 varieties.

    An interesting alternative is at Ikea. A $25 plastic booster chair with a t-bar and strap. It has a tray that pops on to make a high chair. It's much smaller than a traditional high chair (width, depth). Not the most attractive or most versatile choice - but beats the heck out of all the huge plastic ones I usually see. Also, my husband and I both have reservations about cleaning the padded seats in most high chairs, and the one at Ikea doesn't have any padding.

    My neighbor suggested getting one of those small booster seats w/tray that can be strapped to a regular chair, or can sit on the floor. She said she used it forever - for feeding and play. It doesn't take up much room, and can sub for a high chair in a lot of situations (according to her). She said the one she got was about $20.

    Good luck!

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    sugarsnappea Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    I too, ran into the same problem 7 months ago. Wooden high chairs are few and far between. Luckily, I found one with a safety bar and harness connected to it. The high chair is manufactured by Rochelle. It is available in natural or oak for $114. We bought a Osh Kosh chair cushion to use with it. I foundit at a store in Canton, Michigan called Planet Baby. They have a website with a 5% off coupon to print. I am in Indiana so I had inquired about having it shipped. They told me it would be around $10-15. However, some relatives picked it up for me and brought it on one of their visits. My husband and I are very happy with this highchair. It is simple looking and fits well in our small kitchen. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck!

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    Megieblue Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    They acutally sell that Rochelle highchair at Burlington Coat Factory too. I just saw one there yesterday.

    I'm also in the market for a wooden high chair and have been very disapointed with the durability and stability. My 18 month old could knock over any of the high chairs I've seen (and of course climb out of any of the straps). I saw the high chair at Ikea and was scared at the possiblities as far as tipping over. With a little weight and a toddler melt down, I think it'd tip over no problem. My son also climbs on his high cair all the time.

    What happened to the sturdy wooden high chairs of my youth???

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    GreenIZ1971 Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    Just wanted to let everyone know we found a wooden high chair WITH a t-bar at Ikea the other day for about $50. It had a plastic removable tray (I'm assuming you can at least hose it down if not put it in the dishwasher).

    Still aren't buying a high chair yet.... but I was thrilled to see it.

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    lvp49 Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    I wanted the same thing, and actually found a beautiful maple one at a local furniture store that matched my kitchen chairs and cabinets perfectly. I had my heart set on it, but then became afraid that it was unsafe when compared to the palstic, padded, five point restraint ones that I considered VERY UGLY:P I caved and got a Chicco, and I am very happy with it (the tray does hang on the back, but I hardly ever use it, it falls off a lot, and now DD is pushing it around like a walker)

    By the way I have recently been looking for a safety harness for the wooden high chair my mother has for her visits, and can't find one. Any hints?

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    HOBSON725 Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    I just rec'd my ONE STEP AHEAD catalog and found a wooden high chair in it. It has a white finish and says it has a tray that adjusts as the baby grows. It has a 3-pt. harness and footrest. It is for ages 6,months-5 years. The price was is the website:

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    laura_winckler Guest

    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    We use the wooden high chair that my brother and I used as babies when we visit at my mother's house. It no longer has a strap to keep my son from "submarining" under the tray, so I bought a cloth seat and strap that is made for grocery carts at Babies R Us. It works great to keep him contained in the high chair. I don't remember what it is called, but it's a wide velcro strap that comes between his legs and wraps around the back of the chair.

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    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    I'm a grandma and still have the wooden high chair from when my 24 yr. old son was little (and I bought it at a yard sale then!) I had screwed an old belt on it at the time but wanted new straps with a crotch strap, for my granddaughter. I found one of those booster type seats at (another) yard sale for $2.00. It wasn't in great shape but...the straps were just like new! I attached them to the wooden high chair and I use a pretty, washable car seat cover (also bought at a thrift store) for padding. Another idea that worked well was this. Before I found those straps, I found a cover for a bouncy seat (where else - at a thrift store) I had to poke a couple of holes in the back to make it fit, but it looked quite nice and the attached crotch and side straps worked great! I just wish I could get a plastic tray to fit it as the wood is not really easy to clean.

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    Default RE: wooden high c hair?

    I have a Tripp Trapp (also called Kinderzeat) made by Stokke. They are tough to find in the US and kinda pricey ($199), but it is the most awesome baby-thing I have. Very worth it. The wooden chair in the One Step Ahead catalog is a knock-off of this chair. Tripp Trapps hail from Norway and are designed to grow with your baby into childhood and beyond. You can get a Kinderzeat, which is a Tripp Trapp designed for the US market, at The Right Start, but from what I understand, they are not compatible with the baby bar & trays which allow them to be used for smaller babies. I think Kinderzeats just have a 3-point nylon harness. HOWEVER, European style Tripp Trapps, which do have a wooden baby bar to secure the child can be found at and at The baby bar, which attaches into the back of the chair and has a leather strap that runs between baby's legs holds them safe and comfortable. I started using the chair when my DS could reasonably sit up at about 5.5 mo.

    The trays that attach to the Tripp Trapp are not made by the Stokke, the maker of the chairs, because Stokke philosophically believes that kids should be pulled up to the table to eat with adults. Because of this, the websites can't show pictures with trays, although they do carry them. Personally, I like my tray but I don't have a breakfast table in my kitchen to mess up & easily clean.

    A Tripp Trapp, with tray, cushions, and a baby bar can cost upwards of $300. A good option may be to order one from Europe where they are cheaper, even with shipping. I had a friend buy mine in Germany and send it over. If you order from Europe, ask about the tray-- the ones in the US have a edge to keep stuff from falling off while some of the european trays do not.

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