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    a_welsh Guest

    Default Advice needed on Video Baby Monitors

    Does anyone have any advice on video baby monitors? Are they worth the price? Any brand recommendations? Looks like Safety 1st gets mixed reviews from past postings...

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    akc Guest

    Default RE: Advice needed on Video Baby Monitors

    Hi - I think there are very few players in the game and Safety1st is the only one that I've seen (from the know reputable monitor makers). Our next door neighbors have the Safety1st model with the 5 inch tv (not the new portable with the tiny tv) and they couldn't live without it. We call it "FrankTV" (their son's name is Frank) - it's a lot more peaceful to watch than NYPD Blue, I'll tell you that! They are getting a second one for their second child (due in March) and swear that it was particularly helpful b/c their son is a "quiet non-napper" - as he got older he would be in his crib (and they would think he was napping) but he was actually awake, moving around, and just quiet. Without the TV, they would have not had an idea of when he actually DID fall asleep to judge his naps accordingly. Anyway, we are planning on getting one as well - for peace of mind as well as b/c we socialize a lot with them and can leave the baby in the crib and be outside in the backyard with our video monitors and feel at peace that everything is ok)

    Here's what I've seen about it:
    * The transmission of the picture is pretty amazing and can even span between our houses (which are pretty solid, turn of the century brick houses about 30 feet apart.)
    * If the reception gets fuzzy, they just adjust it slightly (1/2 inch or so to left or right) and it clears right up.
    * The sound is what is fairly bad - can be a lot of static, but it does have the little lighting scale at the bottom. They keep it turned down unless they see movement and the little lights moving up the scale at which point the turn it up to check if he is, in fact, crying. I've read on other websites that some people counter that by getting a regular sound monitor as well and just turn the sound off on the TV (seems a bummer since the video one is expensive, but it is sort of an apple to oranges thing)
    * The reception does fritz out when the microwave runs (?) so keep that in mind if you're planning on keeping in kitchen or use the microwave a lot!
    * Despite what some may think, the whole little TV is quite portable (fits on any end table/counter) - if she moves from kitchen to tv room, she just pops it over with her.

    Hope that all helps - I know that most see it as an extravagance (or for neurotic Moms) but we've seen it in action and know that it was very, very useful. Count us in!


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    a_welsh Guest

    Default RE: Advice needed on Video Baby Monitors


    We received the Safety 1st video monitor as a shower gift over the weekend and I have to say so far it looks like it will work out great. We're not getting any serious interference in the house or outside as well. So thumbs up from these future parents.


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    Default RE: Advice needed on Video Baby Monitors

    Hi - Update from me as well. We got a video monitor (actually it was our first purchase for our baby due in July) and we have already plugged it in and tested it on our dog (not so exciting) but it works REALLY well. The sound is fabulous by the way - nothing like hearing your dog breathing.

    Funny thing is that, as I told you in my last post, our next-door neighbors use one for their son. We actually can pick up his camera if our monitor is set to their channel (we live about 35 feet apart). But, it can be overridden by our camera once our baby comes. For now, it's good practice in learning to not freak out with every little sound!

    I'm so excited we got this - I could never imagine just trying to listen. Best of luck -


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