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    leilani Guest

    Default HIGH CHAIR SOLUTION!! so glad i found this fabulous.....

    high chair for my 10-month-old DD. we had a new Prima Pappa and found it horrible to keep clean. i was not willing to keep that HUGE high chair in my dining room and scrub with a tooth brush every so often. so i thought about how the restaurants sometimes have really good, sturdy little Rubbermaid high chairs with recline, adjust etc. but SO EASY to keep clean, and what baby is really gonna nap in a high chair anyway???
    so i called around to restaurant supply places and found one that was willing to sell me their demo model. they are NOT cheap; i think i got quoted from 180-240 brand new, but the demo model cost me just $85. i am THRILLED with it! it takes up half the space of the Prima Pappa in my smallish dining room, the wheels work way better on my wood floors, and it is a BREEZE to keep clean.
    obviously the only drawback would be for very young babies who need to be propped up. in that case i think a bouncy works better anyway.
    BTW the chair has a crotch bar and a 3-point harness and the tray is easy to attach and remove.
    DENISE AND ALAN ALERT!!! you guys need to check this out! aloha from Maui.....feel free to ask any questions about this, i am so relieved to have found this solution!

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    neuhofer Guest

    Default What a Great Idea!

    How enterprising of you! I already got a new highchair at a shower before I saw these new ones in a few restaurants. I love them and they are easily the best of the many restaurant chairs I've tried. You have posted a great idea for others - especially since they are so easy to clean and so small!

    Thanks from all of us,

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