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    Default Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    Looking for a travel stroller, but DH is resistant. He loves the Bugaboo, and also is cheap and doesn't want to buy another stroller.
    I have two consecutive conferences coming up that involve flying to Tennessee, then Louisiana, then driving to Mississippi, and then flying back, all with layovers and half the time just me and Jack, and need a stroller for the airport. DH's current plan is to fly to join us and he plans to fly with the Bugaboo even if we have a travel stroller with us, since he will be the one pushing it around New Orleans. (shrugs)

    Is it possible to gate check a Bugaboo? Will it get destroyed (since it defeats the purpose if I have to drag the huge travel bag with me)?
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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    I've gate-checked my Bugaboo with no problems at all. However, getting through security if hard, since you have to take out the baby, disassemble the stroller, put it through the x-ray, and then put it back together. This is fine, if you have an extra pair of hands, but I wouldn't ever attempt it alone.

    As far as durability goes, I'm more comfortable gate-checking the Bug than most any other stroller. It's mostly metal, so very few pieces to break off. I'd be more nervous checking a stroller that had a lot of plastic on it, like my Zippy. I removed the canopy and basket, and put those in my luggage.

    I'd also pack your repair kit and a spare inner tube or two, just in case you get a flat while out and about. You can get spare tires or inner tubes from your local Bugaboo dealer, or call I highly recommend them for all things Bugaboo.

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    I'm currently researching strollers and I am considering the BUGABOO.

    I travel quite a bit and was wondering about the gate check.

    If you look at the website: (under the FAQ menu) the site provides recommendations for gate checking the BUGABOO. You need to ask for 2 gate check for the chassis and the other for the seat. The site also recommends popping off the wheels.

    Good luck!

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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    Given that your husband is frugal I wonder why he would want to risk damaging a $700 stroller vs. buying a $20-$100 stroller! Getting through security alone with Jack and the Bug seems hard...since the bugaboo's two pieces have to go through the x-ray. Since Jack is 20 months old maybe look at getting a Qwest, SC Micro or a Volo? Toby is the same age as Jack and I can't keep my eye on him and my hands on a stroller that I can't just put over my shoulder....he ends up walking a lot of places like airports so the carry strap on the SC Micro (The Qwest and volo have them too) has been a real life saver in travel and crowded places situations. Good luck!
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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?


    I've mentioned it here before, but I have had trouble gate-checking a 2 piece stroller. The airlines totalled our Y2K which, like the Bugaboo, is mostly metal and certainly what I would consider rugged. Maybe we just have bad airline karma as they lost our carseat on this last flight, but certainly be aware that a stroller loss is a very real possibilty.

    With the age Jack is, I would highly highly recommend a travel stroller. When you're traveling alone it's invaluable.

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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    Pssst, the Quest doesn't have a carry strap like the Volo does, it only has the handle on the side.

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    Default RE: Sigh. Anyone try gate-checking a Bugaboo?

    We have traveled MANY times with our Bugaboo. It was much easier traveling with it when DS was smaller - I could put him in the BB while going through security, and at the gate. When traveling alone I did gate check both pieces with no problem. However, on one of the trips somehow the bar got broken off of the chassey. Since then (after suggestion from another Mom on this board) I just gate check the base, and bring the seat on as a carry on. If you remove the bar it fits nicely in the overhead, and there is never a worry as to how it will come out from the plane! The love of the Bugaboo and the comfort of having it far outweighs the extra work for me! Hope this helps.


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