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    Help! Every baby gate out there says not to use it at the top of the stairs. Okay, so how do you keep the baby from tumbling down? Any suggestions?

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    Thanks for using our message boards!

    There are many gates out there that can be used at the top of stairs. However, these must be hard mounted into the wall or railing in order to be safe. Pressure mount gates can be dislodged by a fast moving child crashing into them, that's why they aren't recommend for the tops of stairs.

    The best brands are made by Kidco. Their names are the Gateway and the Safeway. We've seen them at Babies R Us.

    Hope that helps,

    alan and denise fields
    authors, BABY BARGAINS

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    vbfc Guest

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    We have the Kidco Safeway Gate that had to be mounted to the wall at the top of our very steep stairs. My 2.5 yr old can climb on it - and it stays put. We needed extra wood and really long screws - but it is not going anywhere. Came from the right start store - maybe $55-60 a year ago.

    It is not as easy to use as they claim - but ours probably sticks a little because of the installation (my hubby did it). Kids can't open - need adult height and weight to make it move - which is a plus.

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    jtemberson Guest

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    We have the Kidco Gateway which is pressure mounted and swings both ways. I really liked the gate at first but it has put an indentation in our drywall so if you're going to ruin your walls you may as well do it with hardware. I do like the fact that the gate has vertical bars--making it less likely that a toddler will be able to climb over.

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