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    Our 10 week old baby has decided he sleeps in our bed. Some of the time he sleeps between me and the edge of the bed. Eventually he'll be able to turn over and we'll need a guard rail. Most of them seem designed to work with a mattress and box spring set up. We have a platform bed; the mattress sits directly in the frame. Has anyone ever seen a guard rail that would work on our bed? Thanks.

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    windflower Guest

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    I have a guard rail on my platform bed. My bed has slats under it and sides that come up around the mattress. The guard rail I bought just happened to fit such that the legs that go under the bed land on slats. If they hadn't, I was going to put a thin (3/8") piece of plywood on top of the slats. I have a very thick mattress, about 11", and the guardrail isn't as tall as I'd like. However, it isn't deigned to keep a baby from climbing out of bed.

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