We want to prepare our nursery ahead of time, but our concern right now is our two cats. We want to keep the cats out of the baby's room and are wondering how others deal with this issue.

I've read some posts about people taking down the normal door and installing a wooden screen door in place of it. I've seen some pictures online and they can actually look pretty nice (like a french door only with screen instead of glass). I was also thinking that for an added feature, we could install a curtain or matchstick blind at the top of the door, that could drop down and cover the entire screen if it was ever necessary to provide a bit more protection between the baby's room and the hall (e.g. may muffle noise or prevent too much light streaming in).

Does anyone who's done the screen door have feedback? Anyone else have other ideas? We've decided the tent won't work for us because the crib we bought is a sleigh and won't work with the tent, and also we're wanting the cats to stay out of the nursery almost completely anyway, and not just the crib.

Thanks for the ideas/feedback :)