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    Default combi urban sling diaper bag

    I think this is the bag I want, but I'm wondering: is this a "really short trip" type of bag and will I need a bigger bag for longer outings, or is this one for longer trips (and will I then need a small bag for errands, mall runs, etc.?) It's hard to tell from the web photos I've seen.
    Also, does anyone know if BRU or Baby Depot sells them? I've only looked at them on the babystyle website.


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    Default RE: combi urban sling diaper bag

    I think it depends on your carrying style. For me, it is definitely bigger than a quick trip type bag. It holds a good bit and is a well organized bag. If you are a minimalist, it could easily be an all day bag.

    The one thing is that when this bag is overpacked it gets bulky and doesn't lay right. I have only seen them online and in BuyBuyBaby stores.

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    Default RE: combi urban sling diaper bag

    It's a great bag and easy to throw over your shoulder to carry at the same time as baby, but def not a quick trip bag! It's pretty big and as Beth says can get bulky when packed full. I haven't got a small one yet but keep thinking about I do about alot of things that also don't get done!

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    Default RE: combi urban sling diaper bag

    I use this bag as my everyday diaper bag & purse. Almost all of my trips are short -- 1-4 hour outings. The CUS has worked for the past 6 months or so (dd is 10 months). It does get bulky sometimes, depending on how much you put into it -- lately I have felt it was heavy as I'm adding more baby food, cups, toys, etc. But normally, I have felt that I get an awful lot into all the little compartments in this bag -- including my own wallet, keys and cell phone -- and it just seems like a large purse to me. My husband is not embarrassed to carry it either as it looks more like luggage than a purse. I was unable to find this bag at local stores but ordered it online from and received it within days.

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    Default RE: combi urban sling diaper bag

    I think it is much bigger than a quick trip bag as Beth said. I have one but haven't used it yet since it seems huge to me. I will defintely use when Ryan is older and I have things like sippy cups and toys to tote around. DH likes it too and it will be great later, but for now I am using my Lands End backpack as my carryall. I am eyeing those I'm Still Me bags though since I *need* something cuter!

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