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    pastaff65 Guest

    Default I am concerned about cleaning products.....

    Our baby is only 5wks old so I am not concerned about him getting into the products but I am concerned about the odor from them-most contain bleach and other chemicals. What do you use to clean with that would not be dangerous to them?? Patty

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    COElizabeth Guest

    Default RE: I am concerned about cleaning products.....

    Here is a thread from a while back. Several good ideas there.

    Mom to James

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    PJAlama Guest

    Default RE: I am concerned about cleaning products.....

    I used to use this stuff called Citrasolv, which is natural cleaning fluid made from highly concentrated citrus extract. On the plus side, it is extremely effective -- it even seemed to have some effect on sluggish drains, though it wasn't advertised as a drain cleaner. The only fumes it leaves behind are a pleasant orangey-lemony smell. On the minus side, it's not completely safe, even though it's natural, because the citrus extracts are so concentrated that it's an eye and skin irritant, as well as ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR DRINKING! So you would have to keep this well out of Baby's reach. Other minuses: it's WAY expensive -- you have to ration it out carefully or you'll go through lots of money on it -- and it's difficult to find. You can get it from the Gaiam catalog -- I think their website is -- if you're interested despite the price.

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