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    phirey Guest

    Default KidCo gate installation question

    I just got home with a KidCo for the top of the stairs. I've seen people mention that the gate installs with some straps to keep from drilling into the banister.

    1) Is that method as safe and secure as drilling?
    2) Did I need to get a special installation kit to get the straps? There don't seem to be any in my box...


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    smomom Guest

    Default RE: KidCo gate installation question

    I just installed a Kidco Safeway gate using plastic straps. The plastic straps are not included with the gate, but are included in the installation kit that is sold separately. Your local BRU should sell them for around $10, or you can purchase it at various places on line. If you want to save some money all that you need are the plastic straps, wood screws (they may come with the gate), and a piece of wood about 1 inch wide, ˝ inch deep, and about 3 feet long. Convenience won over frugality for me and I just bought the kit.

    The installation is easy. Using the template that came with the gate, you screw the mounting pieces onto the wood piece and then attach the wooden piece to the banister using the plastic straps. I would also recommend securing the wood piece to the banister with mounting tape prior to adding the straps. It will be much more secure. I don’t know how to technically describe the straps other than they are the clear-ish plastic straps in which you guide one end through the other end which has a catch on it. Once tightened, they have a very firm hold.

    Assuming one side will be mounted to a wall, it is probably best to position the open/close mechanism on the wall mounted side since it will receive the most use. I actually used 2 installation kits and mounted both sides using the strap method, however, this is NOT recommended by Kidco. I feel that the installation is safe (or I wouldn’t use it) but I can understand Kidco not recommending it. (We have two matching oak banisters and no wall. We are in the process of selling the house and hated to drill into the oak. Again, it is very sturdy – but not by-the-book installation.)

    Using the strap method is very secure – especially if one side is wall mounted. I think you will find it easy and safe. So far I am very pleased with the quality and ease of the gate.

    Good luck!

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