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    Default How to protect free-standing fireplace?

    We have a glass-fronted double-sided fireplace that on the one side is in the family room, and on the other side, the sunroom. It is in the middle of the room--i.e., there are no walls around it to which to secure a gate, because it is next to glass doos that lead from the family room to the sunroom. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get a gate around it? Or other means of protection?


    Tad, 11/21/02

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    Default RE: How to protect free-standing fireplace?

    It's not cheap, but it would do the trick...
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    Default RE: How to protect free-standing fireplace?

    BTW, you likely would need extensions for the Playden as well. Do you use the fireplace? Is your baby interested in it? Before I spent that kind of money, I think I would see if it's going to be an issue. There are a number of things in my house that I thought would be real problems that haven't peaked DS's interest at all. And, other things that I thought would be fine but that require babyproofing. So, I would watch your little one and then assess. You may just be able to latch the doors shut and be fine.
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