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    mgupta Guest

    Default discount web pages

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-24-00 AT 04:24PM (Mountain)[/font][p]my favorite deal sites:

    additional deal sites:

    I found has the best product (most cases) and you can't do any better with the coupons they offer. Look at the top 2 deal pages to find all the coupons currently offered at babystyle and other internet web pages. You will save a lot if you use promotions and their coupons.

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    saveabundle Guest

    Default RE: discount web pages

    Did you get an opportunity to go to []. They have a list of maternity and baby product companies offering special offers, promotions, and coupons. Use this site in conjunction with sales and other offers (free shipping) and you can save lots of money.

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    HailMaryfullofgrace Guest

    Default RE: discount web pages

    Thank you for taking the time to save me (us) time. I consider it a gift. All the best. Marisa

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    Chevalier Guest

    Default RE: discount web pages

    My favourite site is It's the updated version of deal-finder. I have saved a lot of money by checking for deals there: 50% off at drugstores; I bought diapers, $20 off at babystyle; bought a FP Sit-n-Soothe bassinet, 10% off at BabyUniverse; bought a Britax Roundabout. Also,'s prices can't be beat, if they have what you want. What they carry is always changing. I saved $85 on the travel system I wanted, compared to Babies R Us.

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    Default RE: discount web pages

    Mercata is awesome! Also, is a great place to find low prices! Good luck and Happy Bargain Hunting!

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    teresajill Guest

    Default RE: discount web pages

    These don't appear to be working.

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    webma Guest

    Default RE: discount web pages

    This site consolidates links from several discount/coupon code sites and saves me a lot of clicking.

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    012098 Guest

    Default Try www. too

    Thank you for all of the additional sites - I will be checking them out.

    I have always found to be very comprehensive and accurate. Lots of great on-line coupons for all of the big chains.

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