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    1 week ago the babiesrus website was up and running, and i was able to access the baby registry on it. Today I tried and all that's coming up is the toys r us corporate home page, and there is no mention of any way to access the babies r us registry. One of the main reasons I registered at babies r us is the use of the on line registry. I was wondering if anyone else had any problems/suggestions. Thanks

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    jmac588 Guest

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    I was having difficulty with the update section of the registry. You have to make sure your e-mail account on-line matches the e-mail you gave when you registered. My e-mails did match, but I still couldn't get in. When I called the store I registered at (which I was instructed to do on the website), they told me that the update feature wasn't working on-line yet. This made me angry because I knew a friend who had been updating her registry on-line for awhile already. No one in the store even seemed to know that the new on-line features were up and running yet. Once I was sufficiently frustrated, I e-mailed and told them what was going on. They IMMEDIATELY fixed my problems from their end. I also had to contact them again about a few items that weren't taken off my registry even though I knew they were bought. And again, they IMMEDIATELY took care of it. My advice is to e-mail them with your complaint. Good luck.

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    pearsoka Guest

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    I was so frustrated with this site! While I was on bedrest I made out a wish list based on merchandise I viewed on the website. I then had my mother register for me at the Babies R Us store in Tampa with the understanding that I would be able to update my registry online. Soon after, I no longer could even access the website--much less my registry. I emailed customer service several times. My problem was never resolved.

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