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    Jackie Guest

    Default Has anyone shopped

    Barebabies is getting the adapter bar for the Pliko Matic on 2/23. It is the only site I have found that sells them. Are they a good site to order from?

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    Jackie Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone shopped

    I just ordered the adapter today and behold it just came in today and was shipped. I talked to the owner and she answered all my questions, etc. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes.

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    Jackie Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone shopped

    I received the adapter bar withing a couple of days and it appears to work well with the infant seat attached (Graco) although it does not lock to the bar. They shipped my item the day they recieved the shipment and when I emailed them on questions, they answered promptly. I have only purchased from them once, but so far so good.

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    dave Guest

    Default RE: Has anyone shopped

    I ordered the adapter bar and received it within several days. Great experience. And the bar works great with my

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