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Thread: gift registry

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    amyzjoy Guest

    Default gift registry

    Just wondering what opinions are out there for baby gift registries on line. I am interested in your experience in all aspects such as setting up the account, having the items that you want, gift availability, user ease, etc. I am near 6 months and want to start this process soon.

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    Well, when I was pg, it was just before BabiesRUs switched to Amazon, so things were a lot better. Shipping was MUCH cheaper than what Amazon tends to charge nowadays. I think it was $7 to ship the stroller my mother bought for us. Period. And it was a monster Travel System. And I don't think there was tax. Now the shipping and tax on this item comes to $40 (shipping is around $23 of that).

    Of course things would be different if we actually had a BabiesRUs in the area (the closest one is 1 hour away for me, which means it's about 2.5 hours for my relatives). The ToysRUs stores around here (Pittsburgh, PA) don't carry nearly as much as the BRU stores. We were actually in Greensboro, NC when I was about 6 months pg, and looked at a bunch of the stuff at the BRU store there and added stuff to the registry, since we could finally see it in person.

    Having said that, it was very easy to, set up, use and add things to my registry. And the registry was available at all BRU/TRU stores. It's just that nobody could (or would, if it was available to them at a TRU) buy stuff for me from it. I've found that a lot of people tend to just ignore your registry and get what they want. This sort of irritates me. I try to buy stuff off of people's registries (whether for baby or wedding), and have been known for "clearing out" all the little items that other people have left on the registry.

    I don't have any experience with other online registries. I have looked at JCPenny's, but they don't necessarily have the baby selection that some other places might (at least online/in the catalog), but at least they also have stores nationwide.

    Of any place that you choose, I would check out there shipping charges, return policy, and possible discounts for people buying from your registry.

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    blnony Guest

    Default RE: gift registry has a great online registry. I've used them for several things and I have never had a problem. They also were offering 10% off when someone purchased a registry item. They have good customer service and setting up the registry is really easy.

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    Default RE: gift registry

    I've just played around with them as I learn everyone's suggestions about products, but the best so far is Plus, they lay them out in a really nice format and give you an opportunity to leave comments about the specific items.

    Babiesrus really doesn't have that great a selection, although they are good for some specific lines, like the John Lennon collection. Plus, a lot of things are not available to buy online. I bought from them for a friend and at least half their registry was only for purchase in the store.

    I like babystyle as far as selection but adding to the registry seems unnecessarily complicated. You have to sign in and out of the registry.


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    Default RE: gift registry

    I found this strand while looking for some wisdom on baby registries myself. I'm only 19 weeks, but am grappling with whether or not to do a registry. I may do it just for some select larger items? If anyone has any more to add, especially recent experiences with particular registries, I'd love to read it! Thanks!

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    nohomama Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    I used I found it easy to set up and I also liked the fact that babystyle always seem to have a coupon code for free shipping or $10 off, etc. (try


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    Hannaheser Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    I found the coolest site thanks to some buddies on another board.

    you can put everything YOU want from multiple websites, it is the solution to all my problems, as no one site had everything we needed! Enjoy!!!!

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    elizab27 Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    Thanks, that is a great reference since I was wondering if there was a way to link multiple registries.

    My big debate is does it make more sense to register for all the little things (bottles, blankets, tub, towels, onesies, etc.) so people can make gift baskets (more fun) or just the bigger things (don't want to register for EVERYTHING). I figured that I could just tell my family what big items we've decided on if they ask for something they can buy rather than have all my co-workers/friends see my "big items" on a registry.

    Suggestions anyone?

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    emilys Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    I just had my shower yesterday (it was great!) and I only registered at Babies R Us and where I could stare at it, read reviews, change my choices into the wee hours, read more reviews, add and delete items, etc. Some people bought stuff on line and shipped it to me or to themselves, some people went to Babies R Us or Toys R Us in person, some people just bought whatever they wanted (typically incredibly cute boutique toys and clothes that I didn't register for but love anyway.) Everyone who used the website seemed happy with the service, said it was easy, but one friend did say she was going to order on line until she saw that the shipping was almost as much as the item (something extra heavy but I don't know what it is??), so she is going to the store in person to get it.

    BUT BEWARE -- my friend who registered ON LINE with BRU/Amazon had a TERRIBLE experience when she tried to return stuff to the store - they made her send stuff (duplicates, etc) back to Amazon because she had registered on-line instead of in person at the store. Ridiculous since they carry the same stuff and all she wanted was store credit to get stuff she needed. She had a huge fight with the manager and still had to ship stuff back to Amazon, and I'm telling you, this girl is tough (and smart and polite) and she still lost out. I don't know if it was just this store (in Sherman Oaks, CA) or a general BRU/Amazon policy, but it was a huge pain in the neck.

    I registered IN PERSON at the same store because she warned me about her experience, so my experience was fine. Also, I think it really helps to look at the stuff in person when making choices. I haven't had to return anything yet, though, but the service seems fine for a big discount store, sometimes slow but OK. So if you don't live too far away from a BRU, I recommend going in person.

    Also, if you can, take a friend with a one year old (or toddler, whatever) with you when you register so she can tell you what you do and don't need. And don't forget your copy of Baby Bargains! Indispensible!

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: gift registry

    I think I just read in the latest BabyBargains Newsletter that BRU stores are now accepting returns of items bought online.

    I'm surprised they wouldn't give your friend store credit. I returned something to my local TRU (without a receipt) that I had gotten as a shower gift (and I had NO idea where they person got it), and they gave me store credit. I immediately used it to buy diapers or formula.

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