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    Default membership not worth it

    I have heard good things about, and I even went to their outlet store in CT. I decided to order my glider from them, and since a membership is only $25 a year and it saves you 10%, I decided to get one.

    I had them put the membership on a different credit card, and then ordered the glider. Well, the price had gone up since I called them for a quote the day before. I checked the website while on the phone with them and saw that the prices on the web were the same as they were the day before. He agreed to give me the online price for the ottoman, (129.99) but since the glider I wanted was not on the web he could not give me the price that was listed there. (I had been quoted 354.99 on the phone). It was now $405.99. So I figured at least I would have the 10% off from the Baby Club and still save some money. I placed the order.

    I get the invoice in the mail and I don't see 10% off. The ottoman is 129.99 and the glider is 364.79. So I call to ask about it. After explaining about getting the online price for the ottoman, and not seeing 10% off, the person says she has to look into it and will call me back. She calls back to say that I got the sale price on both items and membership discount does not apply to sale prices.

    I patiently explain that the 129.99 was not a sale price, and had I gone to the website and placed my order that day it would have calculated the 10% off for the membership. I noticed that today the web prices are updated, and the "Sale" price is the same price I was charged for my glider even though I ordered 17350 instead of the 17330 that is on the site.

    We go around and around and they offer to let me cancel my membership. She says that the man who took my order told me that it would not apply and that I wanted it anyway. Um, nope. Not true.

    So the end result is that I paid about $35 more than I would have if they had applied the discount. But the good thing is that they did cancel my membership and are going to credit my card for the $25.

    The really bad thing is had I placed the order the day I got the quote, I would have saved $55. Timing is everything. But that is my fault not theirs, although they could have told me the prices were going up so much the next day.

    My opinion is that the Baby Club membership is not worth the cost, mostly because the discount does not apply to sale items, and nearly everything on their site is "on sale". Without the sale prices, BabiesRUs is cheaper on most things.

    And they now have a notice on their site that the discount does not apply at all to Dutalier items.

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    Default RE: membership not worth it

    I completely agree that you went through a huge hassle, and a lot of things weren't communicated well.

    I also agree that the discount does not apply to everything - including Dutailier - but it does apply to many things, including the Roundabout and Marathon (where I got my money's worth) and many other items that I have ordered, like a mobile, Avent Isis, Colgate crib mattress, etc. So the discount does still apply to most items on their site, just not all items.

    Usually they list on the site when the discount cannot be applied, but if you are talking to them on the phone, I wouldn't count on them telling you...

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    Default RE: membership not worth it

    My membership paid for itself and then some! BCA had the best price anyway on my bedding and I saved a ton with the added %10, even if I don't buy anything else from them.
    Guess it depends on what you are ordering.

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