1. Has anyone bought anything from Babydealz.com or Babyride.com? Was it a good or bad experience?

2. DO NOT buy anything from www.comfort1st.com! They have their own web site and are also listed as with www.amazon.com. They have terrible customer service. I ordered a high chair from them with a free shipping offer. The item was never delivered due to a FedEx screw up, so I cancelled the order and was billed $20 without an explanation! I had to e-mail for an explaination and was told it was for the shipping cost! I was informed by FedEx's customer service that the shipping fee can be waived if www.comfort1st.com made the request since they have the FedEx account. The item was ordered in March and to date, www.comfort1st.com has ignored my e-mails for a full refund and has not contacted FedEx.