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    Default General ? about on-line birth announcements

    I'm kind of confused about ordering announcements on line. I don't know the sex of the baby so I want to choose a boy and a girl announcement and make the final order when the baby is born and we have all the info. The trouble is that I would like to get the envelopes ahead of time to address them. If I choose two like-sized announcements, will any company let me get the envelopes ahead of time? How do most people do this? By the way, I'm not looking for a photo announcement, just something basic.

    I know I could solve this by going through a boutique-like store but I'd rather order on-line if possible.

    Thanks for any insight!


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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements


    We didn't pre-order envelopes, but the place I ordered my announcements from (Naptime Productions) will let you pre-order envelopes. I'd just e-mail them and ask if you can get a generic envelope color even if you go with a blue or pink announcement.

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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements can meet all your needs! you can pick a boy style and a girl style and pre-order so that you can get all your envelopes ahead of time. then when you are ready, you give them all the info and tell them if you want your boy pick or girl pick!

    i think they have good prices and super cute designs, too!!


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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements

    We used (and LOVED) Naptime as well. I preordered envelopes in cream, then had a choice of announcements. I could have gotten pink ones, but chose cream with a pink ribbon. They were beautiful.

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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements

    Stork is the best!! They will ship envelopes beforehand, at no extra charge. Plus, shipping is free if your order is $50 or higher (easy to reach). Outside of Florida they don't charge sales tax either. I dealt with their Customer Service and each rep was terrific. Plus, ask for a catalog. If the prices in the catalog are lower than those on their website, they will honor the lower prices (they did with me). Overall, I give them an A+ for service and quality.

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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements

    I used a woman that I found on Ebay--- Schmel Stationers. She has a store in Spikane but I did everything by email. She was amazing and did everything that I dreamed up. I told her that I wanted Caleb's picture to be in the background on vellum with the stats in certain fonts, on top of 2 different cardstocks (stripes and dots), with a grosgrain bow. She did it all and assembled them all in very short order and I think that I paid less than $1.50 per card. They are fabulous and everyone has raved about them. I am positive she would be happy to send out the envelopes before hand for you to address, then she would just make sure that the announcements are the appropriate size. If you want to see a scan of one of the announcements she did for me (I didn't actually use this one but you would get the sense of what she does) or get more info, just pm me.

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    Default RE: General ? about on-line birth announcements

    Most companies will let you order envelopes in advance. Yes, pick out announcements by the same company that are the same size and it will work. Visit for a 20% discount for all the quality printers.

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