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    Default Miracle Blanket has great customer service

    I recently purchased a Miracle Blanket because my little Houdini needs to be swaddled at night but has gotten out of everything I had ever used before (Swaddle Me, extra large blankets... I was approaching the possibility of duct tape). I purchased the Miracle Blanket ( because some members here had said that it was the one thing that worked for them, plus the company had a money-back guarantee. I received the product, and sure enough, it is the only thing that works for DS. But, unfortunately, it also got a hole in it at the edge after only 2 washings. I wrote an email to the company and within the day, I had received a very responsive reply and an offer to replace it without me even having to send it back (which is good since we really need and I didn't want to be blanketless for even a night).

    I'm very impressed with their CS and do highly recommend the blanket, even for the relatively high price, if you have a super squirmer. :)

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    Default RE: Miracle Blanket has great customer service

    I had the same problem and Mike was wonderful. He's got another blanket on the way to me. It's the only blanket that works for our son too! Despite the high price, we've been happy to have something that helps our little one sleep longer.


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