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    Default Best Website to Order a Stroller

    Have a question. My wife and I are looking to get the Graco Duorider stroller. We have searched every website for the best price. The one that has the lowest price is ($146.00)and they also offer free shipping. Problem is we checked this website for your feedback and it has all been negative (thank god for this website). Does anyone know of any other websites that offer this good of deal that are worth using???? Any of them matching prices at all???? Everywhere we have check has it for $150+ then they tag another $20-$30 more in shipping. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default RE: Best Website to Order a Stroller has it for $130. They charge 60 cents per pound to ship, and the weight is listed at 28lbs, so that's $16.80 to ship. That's only a dollar more than strollers4less. I've ordered a lot from babycatalog and have been very happy with them! has it for $130, also, with free base shipping (with the coupon - see the site) but there is a shipping surcharge. I'm not sure how much - I'll leave that to you. I believe that you can get a pretty good rebate through when using
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    Default RE: Best Website to Order a Stroller

    There are a number of sites that price match. matched the price that had on a stroller I wanted to buy. I had a very good experience with All Kids Stuff. I do not know if the DuoGlider is available there, though. and also price match, but neither answered my inquiry about agreeing to price match for my particular stroller. also price matches, although I doubt that this stroller is available there. And, and price match. does have the DuoGlider available.

    Generally the stores who price match will match the total price. In your case, because has free shipping, the total would be $146.00.
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    Default RE: Best Website to Order a Stroller

    We got our Zippy from and their customer service was wonderful. They matched the lowest price I found and had free shipping.

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    Default RE: Best Website to Order a Stroller has it for $129.95 plus 3.95 S/H. I ordered the Combi US from them on Wednesday afternoon and it was delivered to me from NY to the Chicago suburbs on Saturday afternoon! I was surprised it arrived so quickly and even more surprised that it was delivered on Saturday!

    Good luck!


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