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    esca540 Guest

    Default BabyWorld in Canada

    Has anyone heard of BabyWorld. They have two locations is Canada and was wondering if anyone had positive/negative experiences to share as my wife and I are considering placing an order through them.

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    KimberleyDawn Guest

    Default RE: BabyWorld in Canada

    I haven't heard of this store but I was wondering what their website was?

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    Laura_P Guest

    Default RE: BabyWorld in Canada

    I know I'm a little late in replying as I just found this site but, I have been to BabyWorld a few times. First when it was in Abbotsford, BC and more recently to the new store in Coquitlam, BC.

    It's a very nice store but, in my opinion, very expensive. I'm guessing that everything there must be imported from Europe or something!

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    cassiopeia Guest

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    I really like BabyWorld, it has tons of quality baby goods that you cannot get in most other places. It offers discounts if you buy more than 5 items. It's website is
    It may not be the cheapest place because it carries quality items. If you are looking for a Walmart then don't bother going there.

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