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    Default pali crib from canadian store?

    Hi, I'm from a small town in west michigan and I'm in detroit for 2 weeks. I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy a pali crib from canada.

    I was thinking about going to Windsor next weekend or the weekend after. I really love Pali cribs - specifically Lily crib by Pali, but I can't afford it here in the US. Will it be less expensive in Canada because of the currency? I know that I'll probably have to pay duty on it unless it's delivered.
    I also wanted to buy a Dutalier glider 16200 which is upholstered.

    Could anyone tell me a good store in Windsor for cribs and gliders?


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    Default RE: pali crib from canadian store?


    I grew up in SE Michigan and my parents are still there. We bought ALL our nursery furniture (Morigeau) including our glider (EG) from Canada and saved literally over $1000 based on what we would have had to pay here in Indiana. We purchased all of the furniture from a furniture store in Windsor called Coulters (less than 5 minutes from the bridge -- they advertise in the Detroit area). They have a website ( but you can't order off it. They can only deliver in Ontario and SE Michigan (for a fee), but my parents are close enough that they were able to run over and pick it up for us. (If someone else is picking it up for you, the invoice, etc. MUST be in their name, or they can't get it through customs.) Also, if you buy a product made in Canada, you you get the Canadian GST and VAT taxes back (one at customs, one you mail in for). I think Pali is Italian (not sure) so you would have to pay Canadian tax on it (about 17%). You'd really have to know your Pali pricing, and the US/Canadian dollar conversion to price shop. You might want to look at some Canadian-made cribs to see if you can find one you like as much.

    I literally cannot speak highly enough of this furniture store (no I'm not being paid for this). We got our custom ordered Morigeau furntiture in less than 4 weeks (we were qoted 10 initially) and the custom ordered glider in 2-3 weeks. They bend over backwards to help you, and there is no pressure to buy. I have called them several times for quotes on different items, they always call me back within about 10 minutes, and their prices are ALWAYS better than buying anyplace else I've found, even online. (For example, for the same Dutailier glider, Coulters was $150 US less than, and we didn't have to pay shipping.) They even have a "lowest price guarantee" within 50 miles or something. If you decide to work with them, the salesperson we used was Christina Kouvelas.

    Sorry this is so long, but as you can probably tell, we are very positive about this store.

    Let me know if you have any questions, etc.

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