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    honeybea Guest

    Default Canada/US DVD problem

    I live in the US but received a children's DVD from someone in Canada, but it won't play in my DVD player. Any suggestions as to why?


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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Canada/US DVD problem

    Canadian DVDs are supposed to play in US players, and vice versa. The world is split into DVD regions: the US and Canada are Region 1. The idea is that this way people in Europe/Asia can't buy DVDs of movies that haven't been released in the theatres over there yet.

    Check the back of your DVD. Somewhere (likely on the bottom) it will tell you what region it is. If it is not Region 1 then that's your problem. It doesn't have anything to do with being a Canadian DVD, in fact if it's not Region 1 it's NOT a Canadian DVD.

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    honeybea Guest

    Default RE: Canada/US DVD problem

    Helen, I checked the DVD and couldn't find any region number. The DVD is called Klassical Kids by Front Row Entertainment Inc.

    It says Made In Canada.

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Canada/US DVD problem

    Chances are then it's not a region issue and you have a defective disc. Try to contact the seller (if you can) for an exchange, or maybe the manufacturer or your friend.

    But to answer your question, there's no specific reason it shouldn't work just because it's from Canada.

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