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    Does anyone know where I can get a fashionable diaper bag in Canada? I want something that looks like a tote and is stylish for summer.:*

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    Not in Canada but will ship to Canada ;)

    Lands end has some totes with cute summer colors

    Also if you go to the diaper bag forum and look up i'm still me bags they have alot of great prints, i have one of their older bags with poodles all over it.

    GL :)

    eta: i'm still me link

    ~Pamela Mom Of 3

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    I couldn't find any. Mind you I didn't look that hard. Just in department stores and a couple of bag stores. I was looking for a first dipper bag as I'm expecting my first in May. In the end I took BB advice and ordered a Little Tripper from Land's End. LE really have their act together when it comes to shipping to Canadian customers. And even with duty, shipping and exchange, I'm not convinced I ended up paying any more then I would have for the bags I looked at and didn't like.

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    Yes, I know of a few places that sell really cool diaper bags. I live in Toronto, so that's where these stores are. Try:

    Kick maternity or Nestings Kids on Eglinton(at Avenue Rd.)

    They have great bags in all different kinds of funky material -- anything from cool summer stripes, to funky Japanese prints. One warning, though, they're not cheap!

    T.O. mom-to-be :-)

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    Don't know if you saw the NQP summer striped diaper bag at LE, for $14.50 US, if I'm not mistaken.

    Very cute. I ordered one myself.

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