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    Default Peg Pereggo Viaggio car seat?

    I am thinking of getting the Peg Perego Venezia stroller...however, I'm a little sticker shocked at the price of the car seat that goes with it --- $260 (incl tax). And of course, you cannot substitute the car seat with another brand.
    Does anyone know where I could buy one at a cheaper price? I'm in Oakville, Ontario.

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    Default RE: Peg Pereggo Viaggio car seat?

    Check out this website:
    They have non-latch ones for $178, 2003 latch ones for $199 and 2004 latch ones for $219. The store is based in Vancouver. I don't know how shipping works. Any chance you know someone who can get it for you?


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    Default RE: Peg Pereggo Viaggio car seat?

    I know it's not secured, but I've seen other car seats in the Venezia (mainly the Graco Snugride). From what I understand, Peg strollers have little latches (G-matic) in the seat of the stroller to attach their car seat. So technically another carseat can fit inside the stroller, the only problem is that it doesn't latch directly to the stroller. If you're comfortable with this, can you try the stroller and different car seat combos out in a local store?

    One downside that I do know about the Viaggio is that you can't install the seat in a car without a base. Meaning if your planning on moving the seat between two cars, you'll probably have to shell out the $80-90 (?) for a second base.

    Have you asked this question on the stroller board yet? I'm sure they would be able to tell you if I'm correct or not.

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    Default RE: Peg Pereggo Viaggio car seat?

    That is a ridiculous amount of money for an infant carseat that would most likely last your child about 4-5 months. I personally would save that money for the Britax Marathon later on and see if there are friends and family members with a good-condition, never-in-an-accident, no-recall infant carseat to borrow.

    If there is not a realiable infant carrier to borrow, I would buy a Graco Snugride and use it with Venezia. I have used other carseats in my Venezia by reclining the stroller seat down to its horizontal position, putting the carseat in the stroller seat and bungeeing it into the stroller.

    But if you are set on the PV carseat, try Baby Palace in Sheridan Mall (QEW and Erin Mills) and Springy's in Hamilton (on Ottawa St) for a lesser price. I find they have pretty good prices and sometimes better prices for discounted fabric patterns. Springy's also is a PP repair shop.

    The other option is when you are talking to Baby Palace and Springy's, see if they can find you a carseat adaptor bar for the Venezia so you can replace the front bumper bar and use other carseats in the Venezia (when the baby finishes with the infant carseat, just replace the bumper bar for normal use. This item was made before PP had the PV carseat and is now discontinued. But sometimes, these two stores might have old things in stock.

    I'm in Oakville also and let me know if I can help with anything else
    Certified Canadian Child Restraint Safety Technician and Instructor

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