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    Default RE: PLEASE PIN: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    Two cloth diapering/naturalbaby/mamma gear sites that I haven't seen mentioned yet: - they also do custom embroidery - also a B&M shop in Ottawa, and the only place I've found in Canada to carry the Ergo carrier.

    ~ Laura

    One in 2004 and the other one in 2008

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    Default RE: PLEASE PIN: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    I think you all have included virtually every website I've ever looked at for Canadian stuff. :) One more I wanted to add though is for awesome cloth diapers which are made in Canada. The link is and we've been using the One-Size diapers for the last 11 months and loving them. I've been really impressed that they are very well known to folks who cloth diaper in the US and their resale value is fantastic in the US or Canada.

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    Default RE: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

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    Default RE: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    I don't think these have been listed

    For Peg Perego (even accessories!)

    Party Supplies

    (who LOVES this thread)

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    Default RE: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    Baby Sherpa is a great diaper backpack that was invented and is manufactured by a Canadian Mom (from Manitoba actually). The have a website YOu can only order in US dollars but they have links and list many of the retailers that have been listed already where they sell Baby Sherpa. It is the greatest Diaper Backpack for travelling and if you are active. They also just came out with the Short Haul Sherpa a smaller version of the Baby Sherpa.

    I think it is pretty cool that this is a Canadian product.


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    Default BabyBuyMe

    This is a new site, but I was able to order the Contoured Cushie Tushie for a VERY reasonable price, as well as the Travel CT.

    The owner is Bob and he was very pleasant to deal with.

    I like to promote new Canadian baby stores -- the more the merrier!!

    Happy shopping!


    Maya Papaya![/img][/url]

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    Default handmade natural toys/dolls

    My other post is too old, can't edit to add these few more. They're mainly handmade natural toys/dolls. - handmade wooden figures, similar to HolzTiger - Sunshine Coast, BC - more wooden toys, dolls - Thornhill ON - handmade wooden toys, rocking horses, vehicles - Alberta
    more playful pixie items not seen on their site are sold at: - toys, dolls, art supplies, craft supplies - Nelson, BC - craft supplies, dolls, books - Kaslo, BC - nice clothing, organic cotton - Vancouver

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    Default RE: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    Hi, this is my second post so far, and I thought I would share some of my Canadian Baby Store finds. Hopefully I am not overlapping.

    (deux par deux, blabla, zutano,etc.)
    (deux par deux, mexx, marese etc.)
    (Kate Mack, Le top etc.)
    (deux par deux, mexx, catimini etc.)
    (little mass, deux par deux, alphabet etc.)

    Cloth Diapers

    I have more, I will post them when I get a chance.

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    Default RE: Canadian Baby Gear Survival Guide

    I believe they also have physical stores located in Ontario.

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