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    I was planning to register at BRU b/c they have a ton of stuff. But then last night my mom said why register where it's so expensive? Why not Sears or the Bay? Well I just don't think they have the same selection and I don't think there is a price difference. Mostly i've just been looking online. I haven't been to a store yet.

    What have you used? What do you like?
    BRU, Sears, The Bay, Walmart

    Thanks so much!!!

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    Other than specialty baby stores, I used Sears and BRU. The other two stores didn't offer much variety. I don't notice a huge difference in prices between department stores and BRU for the same items. BRU may seem $$$ because they have other items that just plain cost more.

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    I haven't registered in Canada, but have studied prices at Sears, BRU, TRU, etc., and I don't honestly think there's much of a price difference between them at all, especially for the big-ticket items.

    When I did register (at Target in the States), I chose there because everyone I knew would be coming to my baby shower had a B&M Target location nearby, since not everyone was internet-savvy. If I had to do it over again, I would've registered at more than one place, and would've chosen a specialty baby store in addition to Target, because the specialty stores have a much wider selection of stuff.

    HTH, and congrats :)
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