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    Default good website for bedding

    I'd really like to order from a Canadian website to bypass high shipping and exchange rates -- but i can't seem to find a good site. the Babies R Us site in the states has way better bedding selections than in canada. to buy from my local children's store is expensive since i have to buy a set.

    Any advice?


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    Default RE: good website for bedding

    What kind of bedding are you looking for?

    I bought bedding from BRU in the States, that's where we lived when DS was born, and I was unimpressed - there was lots of unravelling thread after the first wash, and considering what we spent, it was disappointing.

    Have you tried Ikea? I don't know what they have for kids bedding, but their regular size bedding is nice...
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    Default RE: good website for bedding

    i was looking at some kidsline sets. i looked an the american amazon site and the prices were much better than what i've seen in canada, but shipping was expensive.


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