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    Default Marathon questions

    Hi (sorry, kind of a long post),

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you dedicated Moms who answer so many questions. I learn so much just by reading through old posts.

    We just bought two Marathons and are now trying to figure out the configurations for our 3 year old son (~31 lbs) and 8 month old daughter (~17 lbs). We currently have our son in two FP Safe Embrace car seats - which will be expiring in 2008. Initially, since everyone will fit in everything...we're going to install the FPSE's in our car and the Marathons in our van. Depending on how they grow, we'll likely have to rethink this situation in a few months to keep everyone as safe as possible (i.e. her RF as long as possible and him fitting properly FF).

    Here are my questions (I know that it's been discussed before sorry):
    1. Do we tether the marathons when RF?
    2. Any recommendations on where to tether on a 2005 Honda Odyssey or 2000 Nissan Altima?
    3. Has anyone been to a carseat clinic in Ottawa to check an RF Marathon installation with the tether in use?
    4. Does the marathon need to be fully reclined when RF?

    I think that's it for now!


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    Default RE: Marathon questions

    Ah, this is the sort of question that would be good to post in the Carseat forum as well!

    I can answer a few things:

    1. Tethering is *optional* with a rear-facing Marathon. We tethered ours. It's there, it's legal, so why not?

    4. No, the Marathon does not have to be fully reclined when rear-facing if it's appropriate for the occupant.

    There might be info already in the carseat forum about Marathons in the Odyssey or Altima, if you want to do a search. I drive a Ford, and the best place to tether rf was where the front seat was bolted to the floor of the car.
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    Default RE: Marathon questions

    Yes, you can tether the MA RFg in Canada, but you don't have to. You MUST tether when FFg here, you can get a ticket (at least in BC) if you don't. I believe that FFg tether rule is national.

    We have a MA and a 2005 Odyssey, but our MA is FFg, so I can't help you with the RFg tether position. One thing I've always wondered is how you RFg tether if the 2nd row seat is all the way back in the Ody -- seems like a long stretch to the front row tether positions, KWIM? Lots of people seem to do it here, so it must be possible, though.

    The car seat clinics here are done by BCAA or fire departments. Check with your AA people, they should know.

    No, the MA doesn't need to be fully reclined when RFg, it depends on your child. DD was in hers at 4m and we had it fully reclined, but moved it more upright when she was about 7m.


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    Default RE: Marathon questions

    Hi Leigh!

    I'm a CRST (Child Restraint Safety Technician :)) in Ottawa.
    The best place to find out about upcoming clinics is on
    A Channel ( to 'in your community'
    and if it doesn't show anything on the list on the left
    then click on the calendar on the right. They are on Sat.
    and Sunday usually. There was just a clinic on the 14th and
    I haven't heard when the next one is....I'll find out for you
    tho if the website doesn't tell you anything.

    I would definately post your question on the car seat forum,
    There are a few Ody owners who'll be able to help w/your
    tether question.

    HTH and Good luck!

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