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    littlemomma Guest

    Default When will Babies R Us website be ready?

    I registered at Babies R Us months ago because the store clerks assured me they would have online purchasing available. The website itself said it would be ready by June 2000. Here we are in July and none of my relatives & friends accross the US will be able to do online ordering. It says you have to go to the actual Babies R Us store to purchase the items. And there aren't very many cities that have these stores. Or you can go to Toys R Us and hope they have the same items, but quite frankly, the baby items at Toys R Us are so limited. If the item is only available at the Babies store, they won't transfer the merchandise to Toys R Us. So you are basically screwed unless you live near a Babies R Us store. And another thing, you can print off the registry from the website, but it excludes the prices!

    I don't know where to register now? I live in Tennessee & my family lives in Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi.

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    donna Guest

    Default RE: When will Babies R Us website be ready?

    I just looked at the Babies R Us website today. I found my registry, and you can purchase the stuff there. When was the last time you checked?


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    soaplady Guest

    Default RE: When will Babies R Us website be ready?

    I recently went to the BabysRUs website to do some price comparsion and it looked like I would have been able to actually purchase from the site.

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