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    Default Are tether straps used in a van?

    I have registered for the Alpha Omega seat that is good up to 70lbs & I also registered for the Century Smart Move convertable car seat. I did this b/c they both come with the tether strap included. We just bought a new Toyota Sienna mini van & I don't see what the tether strap will be attached to. A lady on an airplane flight told me she had another mini van & was not able to use her tether straps either. Are tether straps only for sedans or can they be used in vans also?

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    Default RE: Are tether straps used in a van?


    Just saw your posting and thought we should put in our 2. First, you should check with the car's owners manual. If it still isn't clear where the tether attaches, call your local dealer for help. It is our understanding that all new cars now come equiped with tether bolts for use with car seats.

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    Default RE: Are tether straps used in a van?

    You should be able to use them in your van. I own a Lincoln Navigator and had anchor bolts installed to accomodate the tether straps on my Britax carseats. The anchors are located directly behind each seat in the second row, right on the floorboard. It cost about $50.00 per anchor bolt to have them installed. When my carseats were rearward facing, I used a connector strap to secure the tethers to the front seats, right at the base where the seat is bolted to the floor. Talk to your dealership about retrofitting your van with the anchor bolts. If they don't know how to do it, be persistent .... I was the first customer at my dealership to request them, and it took them some time to figure out how to install them correctly. Good luck!

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    Default RE: Are tether straps used in a van?

    I just went through this last week. Although US carseats are now finally coming with tether straps ( way behind Canada and Europe) the car themselves do not have the bolts in the floors. You need to call your dealer and have it put in. I managed to get mine installed (a $250 job) for free as I told them (head office of Mercedes Benz) that they use children in their Mercedes Benz SUV commericals promoting safety for kids but they don't supply tether bolts in their cars. They might as well go all the way - I also made the comment that it is free installation in Canada. The US is huge and the entire population of Canada fits into California - so what's up with that? BTW - I am thrilled with my carseat a Britax Roundabout and it doesn't even wiggle now with the tether strap. Well worth the hour I spent on the phone.

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