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    shannon Guest

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    When I bought your first issue of Baby Bargains in December of 1996 I found a toll-free number for a catlaog that I called and had mailed to me. i beleive it was Storybook Heirlooms. It featured clothing for toddlers, children and adults (like matching sets) and had beautiful flowery borders around the photographs. When I was done with the catalogs I would cut out the borders and use them to frame photographs of my family. Well, I am expecting my second child in Nov. of 2000 and bought your 3rd edition the other day but could not find "Storybook Heirlooms" on page 148 & 149 from your index. Then I found on your website under the Corrections Segment that the had gone out of business, but then again they hadn't. My problem is trying to get the catalog. It is not listed in the toll-free directory, nor on Could you please provide a phone number or web site that I could use to obtain a catalog.
    Thank You very much for your help with this matter. Shannon from Rock Hill, SC.

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    RoyandDonna Guest

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    The last Storybook Heirlooms catalog I received was in the spring of this year. Since I didn't order anything I can't tell you for sure whether the info listed on the catalog is still current but here goes:

    Web Site:
    Phone: (800)688-1573
    Address: 333 Hatch Drive, Foster City, CA 94404-1162

    Good Luck!
    Donna H.
    Grosse Pointe Park, MI

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    Hi there. Storybook Heirlooms cattalog is online at:!

    Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

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