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    Sunny Guest

    Default The first Years Nursery Monitor

    I bought the highly recommended 900mhz nursery monitor from the first years and have to return it to the store now for the 3rd time since the units that I buy never work. I'm completely disgusted now with that monitor and will try to find a different, decent model. I need a monitor, I'm selfemployed and have to work. Does anybody have some good experiences with other brands?

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    Default RE: The first Years Nursery Monitor

    Sunny: Yes, others have complained about that monitor, so we are no longer recommending it in the next book. Sorry about this.

    As for alternatives, any of the Fisher Price monitors (the Direct Link is good) would probalby work fine!

    Let us know how it goes,
    Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

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    Jana Guest

    Default RE: The first Years Nursery Monitor

    Do not buy the Saftey 1st Premium Privacy Link.
    ours had lots of interference and static -- even in the middle of the night!

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    Hannah's mom Guest

    Default RE: The first Years Nursery Monitor

    I had to return our First Year's monitor too. It would go to static for no apparent reason. The final straw was when it woke us up in the middle of the night with this problem (and baby was sound asleep). I am glad the book is no longer recommending it because that was the only reason I bought it in the first place!

    We are now using a Fisher Price 900mhz model and are pretty happy with it, the volume doesn't seem to go too high on this one (yet a Fisher Price one we had previously borrowed was almost too loud. Ours was the same price as the First Year's one we returned yet First Year's did come with rechargable batteries and this one does not.

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