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    hiller16591 Guest

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    I have enjoyed reading the many responses and info from people on what products work and don't. However, i would like to plug your local retailer. It sounds like many people try out products at local stores and then pound the net to save a few bucks. I am all for saving money but withiout your local retailer you will never get to feel the products before you order, and may have problems returning items. I have found a great local retailer in Appleton, WI. I am driving over an hour because it is a family owned business that knows the products they sell. i will only buy locally, they are your neighbors and they will be there tomorrow, not like numerous dot coms. Just had to crow on top of the soap box for a moment. One more thing, as an educator in the public schools, give your kid a hug and kiss when you log off. thanks

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    Deana Guest

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    Point well taken. But, I have to say that some internet companies are much more "mom-and-pop" than local stores. I've found that the companies that I ordered our stroller, mattress, nursery decorations, and plan to order our announcements from are all small companies that happen to sell via the internet. This is compared to places where we shopped locally for a crib and dresser - Babies-R-Us and Baby Depot.

    It may be that a small local retailer would be more willing to match a price found on the internet, but I haven't tried this yet. You are lucky to have found a local retailer that you're pleased with. In my area they are much more upmarket than I can afford and while some people will pay $700 for a dresser or $500 for a crib, I'm not one of them.

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    You definitely make a good point, that sort of relates to but is not really the same as a peeve of my own. You say:

    >your neighbors and they will
    >be there tomorrow, not like
    >numerous dot coms. Just had

    The reason a lot of dot coms have gone under is because people pound them relentlessly for discounts, free this, free that, complain complain complain until you get everything for nothing and get it yesterday. I'm sorry folks but Internet retailers have costs of doing business too that are equal too or higher than regular retailers.

    Everyone wants free shipping - has anyone visited lately to see what it costs to ship things? UPS does not give most shippers any discounts from book rate whatsoever - especially on residential deliveries which UPS greatly wishes they could wash their hands of. They UPCHARGE residential by a lot in some cases because it's more costly for them to make a residential delivery than a commercial one.

    There is a discussion on these boards about estyle's $9.95 oversized surcharge and how pooked off people are at it. I would bet you that that $9.95 doesnt come near in most cases to covering what it is really costing estyle to ship those strollers.

    I could go on for a while on this topic because I find it aggravating in the way you find it disturbing how people ignore their local stores. Which is to say everyone goes to the Net to get such great deals and in effect they are cutting off their noses despite their faces. It is the deals and unwillingness to pay what things really cost that is putting the dot coms out of business.

    Commerce sites like eToys and babycenter were great sites that offered a lot to their customers at a high level of quality, but they are now gone because they were beat to death by everyone wanting everything for free. And I for one feel the loss of such convenient places to shop very greatly.

    Just my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions. . .

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    Nanner Guest

    Default RE: Internet purchasing


    As a local retailer ourselves (non baby related stuff) I agree and I disagree. I try to support local as often as I can but my $$$ come hard earned too. You said you were shopping in Appleton. I live very near there and have shopped all the baby places more than once. I have found a larger selection and a HUGE price difference online. Not just a few bucks. The same crib for example at Burlington sells for over $100 less at (the store itself doesn't have it) If you have found a great place to shop in Appleton PLEASE share. I'd love to check it out! (are you talking about Lullaby shop by chance?)

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    hiller16591 Guest

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    I haven't checked this post in ages so I apologize. The lullabye shop is the one I mentioned. I felt very comfortable with their service and knowledge. I am willing to pay a bit more if someone can teach me about an item, service the item and be there when I need them. We will drive over an hour because we have had nothing but fantastic service from them. I have had very poor service and info at large discounters. Diapers I can buy at an outlet but if I have questions on anchoring my carseat the 20 something minimal paid person doesn't care to have as much info as the owners of this shop.

    My main irk is people who use a local shop to learn about an item, test it out then pound the net to save 10 bucks etc. Hundreds of dollars is one thing but...

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    Gidge Guest

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    I admit, I am one of those store browsers/internet buyers. I do not buy big ticketed items, I buy things like decorations, bottle warmer, still new in package items that even with shipping I am saving a bundle. I buy from thrift stores, consignment shops, yard sales and willing accept hand me downs. It is up to us as consumers to buy at the lowest price possible. It is also ours to make sure we buy the safest and best quality we can afford. I bought a Avent bottle warmer for 20.00 including shipping from ebay and at the store it was 45+dollars. It has the instructions and the box is in great condition. For someone who is pregnant, unemployed (going to school and living on husbands income for 3) 25, 10 or even 5 dollars = alot of formula and diapers in the future. I'd love to be able to buy without thought! :) But I am not in the postion too.

    cheap Gidge

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