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    mhill Guest

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    Has anyone used the Baby B'Air vest for flying with an infant or toddler under 2 if you don't want to buy a separate ticket. I saw it advertised in the May 2001 Good Housekeeping and it's only $34.95, but was wondering if using the Baby Bjorn carrier would work just as well.

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    acadiaphile Guest

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    I was interested in a similar (maybe the same) item, but read in a pamphlet from a major airline (I can't recall which one) that the FAA regulations dictate that harness-type restraints are now prohibited. I've actually heard of a flight attendent telling a parent that they couldn't use one of these items. In my opinion, it's crazy--it's got to be safer to have a kid strapped to your chest (even in a Baby Bjorn) than being wrapped in your arms. I would recommend checking with the airline you're planning to use or see if the FAA has information on their website.

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    nywifey Guest

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    If you go to, SGENTILE wrote a great report on this product.

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    cabote Guest

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    A friend of mine used her Bjorn and said it worked well. She said that a flight attendant told her that she could not use it for take off but could for landing. Strange huh? Well, she said thay only said something to her on one leg of the trip and she kept the baby strapped to her the rest of the time. Call the airlines to see.

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    cabote Guest

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    I can't find this at epinions. Is this product spelling correct?

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