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    Deana Guest

    Default Another Comfort Living complaint

    Didn't see the message below until I'd ordered the Colgate Classica from them. I ordered it in the beginning of April and was told that it would be shipped within 4 weeks. Just called and it's still on backorder, they "think" I should get it in another 2-4 weeks. I'm going to give it another 2-3 weeks, but don't have a lot of confidence at this point. The customer service rep (who wasn't very helpful) mentioned that she'd had a lot of people calling about their orders for this item.

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    babyjessi Guest

    Default RE: Another Comfort Living complaint

    I also have a complaint about Comfort Living. I ordered about 5 items, 4 of which came as promised. The changing pad was back ordered, which they did not inform me of proir to ordering. On the order sheet that was mailed they did not let me know when the item is likely to be available. I sent an email a couple of days ago asking when I could expect the changing pad to be in and have yet to get a reply. I would not order from this site again.

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    Deana Guest

    Default RE: Another Comfort Living complaint

    I was also surprised as most websites will tell you when you order if something is out of stock. I called a few other websites and everyone else seemed to have the mattresses available. Not sure why Comfort Living couldn't get them. I ended up cancelling my order and finding the mattress at a local furniture store for the same price.

    It would have been okay if they were up front about the item being out of stock and gave a more accurate estimate of when it would arrive. If CL had said 8-10 weeks originally, it would have been fine.

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    AmberLea Guest

    Default RE: Another Comfort Living complaint

    I would like to first apologize for the inconvience. I am a ComfortLiving employee. Since your note we have updated the website with current stock availabilty and also have eliminated some items that we have difficulty receiving from the vendor.
    Thank you for bringing the problem to our attention.

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    HeyHeyMama Guest

    Default RE: Another Comfort Living complaint

    Last week, we ordered a 2000-yr model Combi Convenience stroller ($70) during their blowout sale. While I was surfing, another sale stroller disappeared from the web page. The system seemed to be monitoring the quantities and updating the website.

    I liked being able to track my shipment via UPS. CL sent us an email with a UPS tracking link. The shipment arrived on time and in good condition.

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    Poohlvr Guest

    Default RE: Another Comfort Living complaint

    I found the Classica foam mattress at BabyUniverse and the shipping was only 5 or 6 dollars (much less than Comfort Living). It arrived within 3 days, plus they gave me a coupon for $5 off my next purchase!

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