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    EMBOB7 Guest

    Default Any info on Johnson -n- Johnson Baby Wipes????????

    I have used J&J wipes exclusively on my one year old son, however, since April they have disappeared from the shelves at Babies R Us. I have tried to locate these wipes on the internet through Amazon and Babies R Us, they sent me an email that they don't know when the supplier will be supplying them. I have contacted J&J directly through their web site and received computer generated emails advising me to go to Babies R Us (dah).. I called customer service and they have no idea what is going on with this product, yet agreed it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. After taking all my information I asked if they would get back to me and the woman said, "Probably not." I am at the end of my rope...does anyone have any information???
    Johnson and Johnson should be ashamed of themselves. As a forerunner in the baby care industry I find this customer service and public relations totally unacceptable........

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    katie020500 Guest

    Default RE: Any info on Johnson -n- Johnson Baby Wipes????????

    althought i'm sure you've loved these wipes, j&j wipes are hard to find for a reason ... very few people have either heard of or use them!

    try to phone j&j directly again. you might have gotten a dumb customer service rep. if you get an unacceptable answer, ask to speak to the manager. then if all else fails, look for another wipe.

    i've tried huggies (smell great but stick together) and pampers (much too wet). i've come to use costco brand becasue they are just wet enough, feel like cloth and i can buy them in bulk.

    good luck.

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