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    Elaine Guest

    Default Inaccurate Thermometers?!?!

    We have a First Years digital thermometer and a BD Basics digital thermometer. Apparently neither takes an accurate rectal temperature.

    Our 3 mo. old daughter came down with a cold over the weekend. We took her temperature and it was 'all over the board', anywhere from a low of 96.4 to a high of 100.3. At the doctor yesterday they took her temperature at 101. When we used ours to compare, we got only 98.4! I shudder to think of how high her temp might have really been when our thermometers were showing 100!

    Now we are looking into getting a hospital-grade digital thermometer because I don't think I'll ever trust the cheaper retail ones again.

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    suzska Guest

    Default RE: Inaccurate Thermometers?!?!

    Were the ones you were using rectal thermometers? I know you have to "adjust" the temp based on whether it's taken orally, rectally, or under the arm if you're not using a thermometer specifically made for the method you use, if that makes sense.

    --Sue B.
    SAHM to Evan Jeffrey 03-11-01

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