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    brubeck Guest

    Default Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    We bought a Sit N Stroll recently because we were making 2 plane trips with a 2 year old. I got a GREAT price on it ($120 at my door) and was really pleased. It even came with the sun canopy (normally an extra $20). We used it on the 2 trips and it worked really well. The only complaint I have about it is that the carseat installs by putting the seatbelt OVER the carseat, and this makes it difficult to put in/take out my daughter once it is in the car. Still, it's worth not having to pay to rent a carseat in another town.

    This morning a friend of mine asked me where we got it. She wants to get one because she thought ours was so great. So I am looking it up online for her and I find out that it now COMES IN LATCH! ARGH! No wonder mine was so cheap; they were clearing them out to make room for the LATCH ones! I think I would have paid more for the LATCH and that would avoid the carseat installation problem. Grrrr. Now I'm looking to see if I can sell a twice-used non-LATCH Sit N Stroll on Ebay so I can get the LATCH one instead.

    Alright I know people have bigger problems than this, but it just frustrated me. Thanks for listening to my vent!

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    gravymommy3 Guest

    Default RE: Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    Why don't you see if your neighbor wants to buy yours and then you can get one with LATCH? Worth a try. Or maybe contact the manufacturer and see if you can buy another seat for the system (one with LATCH). Good luck

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    sweetbasil Guest

    Default RE: Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    I've been looking at those two and didn't realize there were latch and non-latch ones...thanks! So where have you found it w/the latch? A good friend of mine came to town and got one at the Right Start (they haven't closed yet in all the Houston locations) and they told us to ask for a 20% off coupon when we got there....what's the model info, if it's convenient for you, for the latch one? Thanks, and sorry for your hassle!

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    Thanks for the suggestion about giving her my old one but she (a) wanted a brand new one and (b) wanted the LATCH. Last night my hubby took photos of ours with the digital video camera and we posted our Sit N Stroll on E-Bay. There is one that is 2 years older (but in similar condition) without the sunshade that is currently selling for a decent amount so I'm hoping we get a reasonable price too. Then I can go get the LATCH one next time we fly anywhere. :-)

    I don't know the model number for the LATCH model, but I saw it on Babycenter and Babycatalog. Babycatalog has it for $200 with no shipping, Babycenter has it for $180. Until yesterday you could have used their 15% off coupon, but I guess now you could try the free shipping coupon on that (or wait for the next sale because they have them all the time). If you do a search on a shopping bot (such as Yahoo Shopping) you will notice that stores are charging the same price for both LATCH and non-LATCH models. The LATCH is new for 2003, so if you see a 2003 model it should have LATCH.

    Glad I could warn you before you bought! At least my B***H helped someone out!

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    LisaS Guest

    Default RE: Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    Wondering where you found the non-latch for $120? the best I could find it for (5 months ago) was $170! I never ended up buying it b/c a friend gave me hers - her kids were done with it (it was 4 yrs old and definitely used well) but I do want a newer one esp. w/a sun canopy. I find my Combi sunshade a bit cumbersome w/the SNS. I may check yours out on ebay - I only use it for flying and in taxis to and from the airport (don't think they're even latch compatible).

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    brubeck Guest

    Default RE: Relatively minor but all the same it bugs me...

    It was on sale at Babycenter a few months ago for $140 and there was a 20% off coupon. When they added in shipping and tax it was about $120.

    I think the reason it was so cheap then was because they were clearing them out for LATCH models. The BRU website price was just as cheap then, but they were out of stock. Now only the LATCH models are available at these places, and the few online stores who have non-LATCH ones left have raised their prices because they think they can get away with cheating people who don't know the difference.

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