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    liya Guest

    Default URRRGGGHHH!!

    This is so pathetic i seem to live in this forum i cant believe that my MIL can make me so damn agravated . Its probably because its one of the few people i just cant say something back to that anoys me soooooooo much! Anyhow down to the scoop yesterday I say my MIL after about 3 weeks of not having to deal with her "woe is me" a$$. Anyhow we went there and i sat down as usual not speaking a word cause i really really wanted to get out of there anyhow she starts patting the baby like if he were a dog(first thing that got me pissed), then she started with her oh so wonderful picture rutine..The picture fotoshoot lasted about an hour with her every second "oh its picture time". I mean not to sound nasty or anything but i think if i were passing gas shed take a picture of it..YIKES!!So anyhow the ds starts screaming and panting because hes hungry and more so hes extremely exhousted, we had a really hectic day and all. SO i tell my hubby that we should leave because the ds is getting moody and pretty soon hes going to have a fit because he knows its time to take a bath, for mommy to feed him and for him to go to sleep. Its a routine you just cant break it. Anyhow she starts screaming and the top of her lung her "woe is me routine" and sure enough she starts saying how my child isnt going to love her. How we never have time for her. How i sould stay a while longer and just let the baby sit there and cry his eyes out because she is so selfish not to let him go home to sleep. Plus a bonus track on how my dh is such a bad son that didnt go see her on mothers day. Jesus does she not remember we went and she wasnt there. Christ if you say your going to be home on MD be home!!!!!!She came telling my husband that i was so horrible because i had gone to my fathers house. In the meanwhile my dh was trying to explain to her what a horrible MD i was having because someone (my mother) decided to call me a make my first MD a depressing one ( we dont have a very good relationship as you can tell). So i go to my fathers house (hes 83) because hes the only one that makes me feel better when im down plus i usually try to see him as much as possible just in case god forbid something were to happen to him. But noooooooooo!!Her selfish a$$ has to say idiotic coments like: "Oh shes feeling so bad that she goes over to her fathers house which is further away thant here.."oh look at that going to her fathers house on MD, how inconsidarete"...Crap does she not know i dont like her..Does she not know that those comments are what make me like her even less. To top it all off i took some pics of the ds and she wanted to give pics out to everyone even ppl we dont know and dont care [email protected]#! did she pay for the pictures NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Is it too much to ask that she be considarate that we have other ppl in the family. Plus now shes into converting me into her religion because im such a bad christian bla bla bla bla...Im now a bad mother also because i have yet to baptise my son and he will burn in hell if i dont...Hummmmmmm my idea of a great grandparent! That means i burned in hell all my life, i told her " im not baptised" and she wel ballistic on me...Im mean [email protected]#[email protected]# OFF!!!!!!! What a [email protected]#[email protected]#.....ARRHHHGGGGGGGG!!!!

    anyhow i just wanted to vent all this out thanks for letting me...i know it must be boring to listen to my MIL rants but i think i can compete in the worse MIL contest and believe me she just might be crowned queen....

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    ddmarsh Guest

    Default RE: URRRGGGHHH!!

    Oh gosh, I hear you on the wacko MIL's - what is it with them anyway? It's so funny that you say how she never realizes what effect the things she says has on things. My MIL is the same way - she talks about what a "difficult" relationship we have and never for a minute can consider that things she does or says might have something to do with that. Things such as telling DH Lily and I shouldn't come with he and the boys for a visit, such as taking a vacation to China when DH had brain surgery, such as taking pictures of things in my house without telling me when she was here.........ok, enough already :).

    Hang in there - just try and limit your contact with her as much as possible, that's what I try and do. You'll never ever be able to change the way she is but you can limit your exposure to it.

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    blissful mom Guest

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    Yikes! Did we somehow marry brothers? My MIL is the same way. When I was 2 mos. pg, on bedrest at my mom's for threatened miscarriage, she came into my home (dh wasn't there, either) and proceeded to call him and tell him that the house was in no way ready for a baby. We got pregnant immediately after getting married, and all our wedding presents and my stuff was out. She moved all my stuff into the musty basement, she went through my fertility records that I used for family planning, and then later she started giving me info on birth control. I'M CATHOLIC, HELLO! and it's not her business anyway!

    She's a real shutterbug, too. She even takes pictures of funerals and dead dogs. And she keeps demanding that we give her the only copies of our wedding photos.

    Anyway, my dh and I have a pact that he handles his folks, I handle mine, and we never discuss private issues for our mates with our parents--including their issues with their own families. It works well. I don't answer the phone any more, because his mom sends my blood pressure through the roof. She keeps demanding that I allow her friends to throw me a shower, although I don't know/like these people and neither does dh. And if it's like the wedding, I'll get hounded to kiss these women's booties for the rest of my life. I don't want them over when the baby is born, I don't want anything to do with them! For God's sake, the woman takes enough pictures, email them one! I don't want my family on display like that!

    Maybe in the future when you guys go over you can tell her when you make your plans not only when you are coming, but what time you will be leaving, also, since you are on a routine. I agree, the baby's comfort is more important than her whims.

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    liya Guest

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    We do trust me but shes just so self absorbed that she doesnt seem to care...They day i become a MIL i know just what im not going to be like

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    blissful mom Guest

    Default RE: URRRGGGHHH!!

    Yeah, I know the feeling--I just got another email from mine whining about a shower again. That woman doesn't understand boundaries, even if they're marked with land mines and razor wire! Hopefully, we'll be different when our kids marry!

    Seriously, does your MIL really get into the picture thing? Mine does, she has a floor-to-ceiling bookcase full of photo albums and boxes. Because, of course, posterity needs a record of so-and-so at somebody's funeral picking their nose! LOL.

    Hope it gets better, no one can push our buttons like family and in-laws, huh?

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    liya Guest

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    Yes and what gets me more annoyed is the fact that she always wants my damn pictures...i mean take ur own DAMN IT !!!! I hate ppl asking me to make coppies of my pictures for them...Jesus dont you have enough pictures...Plus i know she only wants the pictures to give them to her friends, al whome bunch of nosybody hags that have nothing else to do with their time. Yesterday she was [email protected]$#@ing at me because i never wanted to pose for a pic...Does she not understand i dont want to, i hate pictures plus i hate them even more now because i was left with aroun 30 pds excess from the pregnancy which i am trying to loose...

    My MIL has walls and walls of pics of my dh, and its really funny cause in one of the pics hes picking his he told me that personaly(he was around 6 or so)....

    No one can push you like your inlaws and to think my FIL is sooooo cool, no wonder he only lasted 3 weeks married to he cant stand her i dont think anyone can except her annoying hag friends and even then i think that they are just being polite not to tell her to [email protected][email protected]$ OFF!....If you ever need anyone to vent im always around as you can see.....:)

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    Last time she was here I seriously considered sabotaging her camera!!! LOLOLOL. I didn't do it, but that doesn't mean I never will!!

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    LMAO at MIL's taking pics of funerals and dead dogs. I know it's not funny, but really. How freaking ridiculous. My sense of humor is really skewed. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this.

    I bet the people who develop her pictures laugh (or cry) when they see her coming in!

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    bcblue Guest

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    It is scary how I seem to have taken to the MIL topic. What is up with them??? Everyone I know who has one, has some kind of horror story. I actually considered writing a book of stories I have heard. Do you notice how people who don't have one, JUST DON'T GET IT? And how come my mother is a great MIL to my husand?
    Go figure....

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    liya Guest

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    really weird i dont for me though to have her up my ass....i begining to figure that these MIL come from men who really wanted to get married to get away from :) so we get stuck with them.....jejejeje i dont know some type of guess to ease my horror...

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