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    Default Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHH. Abigail has been sleeping SO badly for a few nights-- this coinciding with new red spots on her gums and general malcontent, so I can guess the cause. But I'm really tired. REALLY tired. And now she's sleeping soundly and I am awake. Why? Because my throat hurts. That cold we had for two and a half weeks seems to be creeping back into my throat. It's itchy and irritated and absolutely keeping me awake. The unfairness of this makes me want to turn in my resignation right now and head to Tahiti.

    I tried slugging a combination of whiskey and honey and lemon juice, which my own pediatrician thirty years ago used to recommend for coughs. It was god awful, but maybe now I care just slightly less. I am in the market for better ideas, though, if anybody knows any.

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    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    Sorry you feel so bad Rachel!!!

    My only advice is to choke down another of what you had, and then you'll REALLY not care, and maybe feel good too!!! :) :)

    Then just drink as much water as you can stand--my only real advice--flood the sore throat.

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    mamahill Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    So sorry Rachel! Have you tried Airborne? It's a tablet of a bunch of good stuff - homeopathic. DH swears it has saved him from colds on several occasions. Sometimes it's behind the counter, even though it doens't require a perscription. You dissolve a tablet in water and then drink it. It's not bad. It was developed by a school teacher who was tired of getting sick. That's the only thing I can think of. In the meantime, hope you're feeling better and that Abby's teeth break through soon! Wishing you well...

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    nohomama Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    I'm another who subscribes to the "drown the sore throat" philosopy. I'll consume almost anything liquid when I"m suffering from a sore throat/cough/cold. Warm broth, Throat Coat tea, and a ginger/lemon/honey concoction I make myself (recipe below) are all things I find particularly comforting. Hot todies aren't bad either.

    I've also had good luck with homeopathic remedies. I don't have any in my medicine cabinet right now but if I remember correctly the one I've had the most success with is packaged in a white box with yellow and orange lines on it. I think it's put out by Boiron but I'm not certain. I'm also not certain what's in it specifically or whether it's intended more for colds as opposed to colds/sore throats. Not too helpful am I? Try the ginger tea.

    To make ginger tea simmer chunks of fresh ginger root in water for awhile, strain, and add lemon juice and honey. Depending on how long you simmer and how fresh the ginger is, you may need to add more water.

    Feel better,

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    nitaghei Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    So sorry for you!

    This is my variation on ginger tea - a traditional Indian recipe for sore throats!

    Take a couple of 1/2 inch chunks of ginger and boil it in water along with some green cardomon and a few cloves. Once the water is rapidly boiling, add black tea leaves (could use a tea bag as well), sugar and milk, and cook it for a few minutes. Strain and drink it hot. It really helps with sore throat. I used it a few weeks ago, when I had a nasty cough and didn't want to take any medicine.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    nohomama Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    Sounds yummy!!! Like a gingery chai, no? I may try it just as a tastey treat rather than a remedy (I'm the moment). One thing, if you've got a lot of phlem you might consider not adding milk. Dairy is a mucogen and as much as I love dairy, it does help if I don't consume it when I'm afflicted with a nasty cold

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    KathyO Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    When a cold is in the early stages, I push fluids like crazy, and take as hot a bath as I can stand for as long as I can stand. The steam eases the throat, and something about the heat seems to help boot up the immune system. Not the most effective remedy in the world, but at least it's lactation-friendly.

    There is something savagely unfair about being desperately strung out by round-the-clock baby care, and then, when the little darlin' is FINALLY asleep, YOU CAN'T!! Arrrggghhh.

    Get well soon,


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    Caitlins Mommy Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    Oh Rachel I'm so sorry your both under the weather!The only thing that has helped me is echinacea.Its a herbal supplement and you can get it at any health food store.I have tried the liquid and the pill form,and the liquid works so much better.The pill form didn't do squat for me!Just put 3-4 drops in a glass of orange juice,and drink up.The only problem is I'm not sure if its safe for breastfeeding moms to take.My midwife also told me to get a glass of hot water and add about a teaspoon of salt and gargle.She said that it would help kill strep and help take away sore throat pain.I could never do this cause the taste is just blech!

    When Caitlin was teething I would always alternate between the baby tylenol and baby/childrens motrin.It made her feel so much better ,because the motrin lasts alot longer.The teething gell never did anything for her,but the teething tablets worked wonders!

    Hope both of you start to feel better soon,

    Jennifer mommy to Caitlin Hope 9/28/96
    Trying to give Caitlin a brother or sister

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    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    Just posting to say that I hope you and Abigail are feeling better. I'm going to try that whiskey/honey/lemon combo one day. Like you said, even if it doesn't work, at least it'll take that edge off! (Then again, your Tahiti suggestion sounds even better!) Hope you both are getting some sleep.

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    COElizabeth Guest

    Default RE: Something between a whine and an angry snarl...

    Teething woes on our end, too! But for your throat - sometimes gargling w/ Listerine and/or hot salt water (not together) helps me. Hope you are better soon!

    Mom to James

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