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    Default steaming wedding gown

    I recently bought a gown at Jon's wearhouse in Tampa. Although my experience was positive-my dress is very wrinkled. I later found out that alterations DO NOT include steaming the gown. Has anyone heard of steaming your own dress? Mine is Morilee and has a tulle skirt.

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    Most cleaners or bridal shops will steam a dress for you (fees run $25 to $75, depending on how much there is to steam). Call around in Tampa and I'm sure you'll find someone to help with that!

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    You can take your gown to your local full service try cleaner and have them steam the gown for you. We have the Dry Clean Depot chain here in Maryland and they do everything for $1.75 no matter what it is. I had a friend that got married last year and we took her gown to be steamed all for $1.75. I am not saying it will be that cheap for you but you get the point. A full service try cleaner are those that do the cleaning and ironing themself instead of sending it away. You don't want your gown to be sent anyway.. God forbid you don't get it back. It does not take a lot of time to stream so make sure they do it while you wait and take it back home with you the same day.

    Good luck

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    I am an alterations specialist and have had several tulle skirted gowns in the past year come my way. I have not had to steam a single one and have asked the prospective bride to hang the gown up high, on a hook away from any harm, and the dresses were just fine. I find that tulle is very forgiving when it comes to wrinkles. You may have to have the bodice steamed. In fact, you may want to invest in a portable hand held steamer for about $20. I have one and have also used them at weddings.

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    Where do you buy a portable hand held steamer?

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    Try Walmart or Target in the same aisle with the irons. They do come in very handy.

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