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    tangog Guest

    Default Here Comes the Bride in Chicago area Wonderful

    I had the best experience finding my wedding dress at Here Comes the Bride in Addison, IL. It's about a 45 minute drive west from downtown Chicago. The service is not pushy or overbearing. It's very down-to-earth.

    If you like dresses by Monique L'Huillier, definitely drop by this place. I bought my wedding dress by Monique L'Huillier there. It was a sample gown but it was perfect. The price was much, much better than retail and the service was so much more pleasant than other snotty places in Chicago. I highly recommend you look here.

    Try going here then try the House of Brides in Glen Ellyn, IL and you'll understand the meaning of juxtaposition. I couldn't run out of House of Brides fast enough. They had me try on a dress in a filthy dressing room, that someone had just stepped out of. The previous bride had her dresses still in there. When I asked if they had a halter bra that I could borrow to try on a dress, they didn't ask me my size. Instead they brought me a 40A cup to use. I don't know anyone with those measurements. Then, the puffy thing under the dress, she pointed to the one crushed in the corner of the dressing room that the previous person had just used. Now, that was a really classy touch. I tried on 2 dresses and bolted out. If you think that you are paying for service here, you might as well be flushing it down the toilet.

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    whislerj Guest

    Default RE: Here Comes the Bride in Chicago area Wonderful

    I went to House of Brides in Schaumberg (a Chicago suburb) after visiting the House of Brides on Michigan Ave downtown because the store downtown only had one dress by the designer I wanted to try on. When I walked into the Schaumberg store my sister immediately saw the dress I was looking for on a mannequin. When the saleslady asked what type of dresses I wanted to try on I pointed to the mannequin and said actually I'd really like to be try that one. She made a nasty face and then proceeded to ask me the same question as if she hadn't heard my answer. I restated that I would like to try the Maggie Sottero dress on the mannequin. She then tried to discourage me by saying it was a size 12 (I had been trying on size 10's but we all know that you can get an idea of the dress in a larger size, at the Michigan Ave. store the lady had clipped the back of dresses to show me). Of courese I insisted that I try on this dress (having been all over Chicago to find it to try on. The entire time she was extremely rude and acted put out that she had to take the dress off the mannequin. I guess she expected me to order a $1500 dress without trying it on (and BTW I will be getting it through Pearl's Place or DBS at an almost $600 discount not this store). After I tried it on she then tried to tell me it would be discontinued soon so I should order it then (this dress just came out). Needless to say I didn't try on any other dresses.

    Another thing, the lady at the Michigan Ave. store couldn't tell me if the embroidery on the dress came in a different color when I knew it did but couldn't remember which colors (the info was on the designer's web site. Is there some rule stating a bridal salon consultant must be rude or dumb?


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    Default RE: Here Comes the Bride in Chicago area Wonderful

    I just bought a Maggie Sottero dress, too! Which one did you get? I think mine is the Chantelle. I love it! I got it as is at a discount salon. They tried to tell me that it was being discontinued, also! What is that? I mean, I loved the dress, and I was pretty obviously going to buy it. There's no need to bs me. At least I got a pretty good deal.

    Anyway, I think Maggie Sottero is fabulous! My waist looks two sizes smaller, easy! Let me know which one you got! Congratulations, too!

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