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    Default Something Special in Wyckoff, NJ

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-06-01 AT 06:59AM (Mountain)[/font][p]I would like to warn all brides to this shop. What appears to be a lovely little salon, with the happiness of the bride being of top concern, is simply a sales tactic. I went into the salon at the end of Nov 2000 and found a dress for my Nov 2001 wedding. I had a pair of shoes with me that were the height I was planning on wearing. Now of course the gown I selected, is made for the bride's height--including heels. So there is no hemming due to the embroidery. Measurements were taken w/ the shoes I had on and I was told that it would take 6-8 weeks--roughly May. Now this store does not accept credit cards--cash or check, only. I left my deposit and was on my way. Received a phone call in March telling me that my gown would not be in until July the earliest, and if I wanted to rush the order to pay an extra $100. This is totally not true, a $100 does not rush a designer. I did the typical bride panic and called everyone, the store the designer everyone to find out why this was happening. Well my dress came in the last day of May. Had my first fitting last week, the owner not only gave me a major attitude but said that I was a pain with the way I acted. To top it off, the dress is too short and I have to drop my shoe heel height down from a 2 3/4" heel to an 1 1/2" heel. She said that she knew she wrote down the heel height as 2" and that since I wanted it right away that the designer had to rush and probably cut it 3/4" too short! Then she says I should wear a slip which brings it up even more. None of this was told to me at the time of ordering. Then she's telling me that everything else I ordered is wrong and that I will have to reorder it--veil, gloves etc. All of this with an attitude. She even gave my father and mother snippy attitudes. I'm just waiting to get my gown out of there and hopefully don't need any more alterations done!!! I would not recommend this salon to anyone, once they have your money they feel they can treat you like garbage--everything is your fault--not theirs!!! Not to mention, that they don't even help you when you bring your maids in there for dresses.

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    Default RE: Something Special in Wyckoff, NJ

    And these are the so called Full Service shops that wonder why people order their dresses from DBS reps. They're special all right they give good people a bad rep. Hope all is well now. I do apolgise for your bad experience it was unprofessional and totally uncalled for. They must not care how many people they lost! Imagine all the biz you could have brought them. Best of luck to you!
    Thanks Denise and Alan for steering me to become a DBS rep!

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    What is surprising to me is how one can respond to a message, which is totally one-sided, without checking it out first!
    I am also surprised how you can make a statement without having shopped at the store yourself.
    How sad for the perspective bride to lose out on a wonderful PERSONAL experience because of your statement and how unfortunate for Something Special that they are unaware of this forum and have not had the opportunity to respond.
    What kind of forum is this? To drew conclusions from unsubstantiated sources!
    READER beware....misinformation from prejudiced sources should not be mistaken for fact. If you want to learn about something you should find out for yourself.

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    Default RE: Something Special in Wyckoff, NJ


    I find it necessary to respond to your post, only because of the horrible experience I had with this salon. I at no time, told anyone this is how they handled every situation, but, this is my experience and I felt that I should let readers be aware of what COULD happen to them if they chose to use this salon. If someone does choose this salon, fine, but at least they can keep my story in the back of their mind and be sure to ask certain questions that I did not know to ask or have put in writing. One question for you, why did you choose to pick out my post to respond too, there are many posts on this board that are very similar to mine, where the poster relays their individual experiences with salons?

    I am not trying to be mean here, just trying to understand where you are coming from.

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    Default RE: Something Special in Wyckoff, NJ

    This place was in the wrong about everything.

    As soon as I saw "no credit cards" I knew there'd be a problem. If you paid by credit card, getting a refund from the issuing bank is what you could have done.

    As for the heel height she wrote down, bulldinky. Someone frowled up the measurement and I'll bet it was her.

    Everything you ordered was wrong? how is that?

    As for the customer disservice, for that alone, I'd have taken my order elsewhere.

    All of this makes me glad I had my gown made.

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