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    mariekat Guest

    Default Country Weddings, Hingham MA

    Does anyone have any experience with Country Weddings in Hingham, Massachusetts? They stock just about all of the brands I'm interested in, including one local designer that doesn't sell her dresses elsewhere, so I was wondering if anyone had been there and what the feedback is.

    Thank you so much!

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    Colleen Guest

    Default RE: Country Weddings, Hingham MA

    The only thing that I have ever heard about them is from our priest's wife. Evidently, she purchases gowns (I'm assuming bridesmaid or MOB dresses)from them often for different events. My personal experience with them was fine, although I wouldn't call it fantastic. I was there about a week ago with my sister to try on bridesmaid dresses. They basically let us look around and try on whatever we wanted, showed me swatches that I requested to look at, and started a card file on me. I did like that they do not rip out tags, and offered to try to bring in a dress that I didn't see on their racks. I will be going back to try on wedding gowns within the next week or so. I'll try to remember to log back in and let you know how it works out. I will say that I did go to Lillian's in Hanover and found the people to be very nice. Only problem was that they did not have what I was looking for. I have heard lots of good stories about them from different brides. As for New York Lace in Taunton, I liked the person who waited on me very much! However, tags were ripped out of all dresses. Even worse, after looking them up on the net, I found that Susan Warnick did a big "buyer beware" spread on their poor business practices!! I also checked them on the better business bureau and found their rating to be "unsatisfactory." Needless to say, I don't think I'll be buying there no matter how much I liked the person who waited on me. I am going to Maria of Italy in Plymouth tomorrow, and will also try to report back on that one. If you can, post and let me know of any experiences you've had in the area. I'd really appreciate it! Good luck!

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    mariekat Guest

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    I went to Alena's in Arlington just to look around and noticed a few things. No one came out to help me (I didn't have an appointment, just walked in) and the dresses were on a rack at the front of the store. The tags were in, but the style numbers were blacked out with marker on the tags. They also had a very prominent sign at the front of the store saying "Cash only for final payments" or something to that effect- no credit cards. The dresses seemed kind of cheap- there were a few "Oleg Cassini" dresses with "lace" made of tulle that had been stitched around, with frayed, unfinished edges. Are these from David's? Because Oleg Cassini is one of the brand names that David's licences, no? Anyway a friend who lives in Arlington told me Alena's just changed management, another reason to avoid them, I think. I will keep you posted on any other places I visit. Thanks!!!

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    Colleen Guest

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    I tried Country Weddings, the sales people were nice, but harried as it was a Saturday. The fitting rooms are make-shift and small. My sales person was constantly interrupted with questions while I was there. They did offer to reduce the price of a specific gown (by Diamond) to fit my budget, which I thought was a strong point with them. The tags were in the dresses, and I did not notice that anything was blacked out. I also went to a place called "Maria of Italy" in Plymouth, and they were very nice as well, just did not see what I wanted there (again, tags were not removed). Also, I have heard very good things about "Hillary's" in Plymouth as well. Since I found my dress last night, I had to cancel my appointment with them. They were VERY courteous and friendly on the phone. I purchased my gown last night at Chryssies in Canton, MA. The saleswoman was very helpful, and very honest about how the dresses looked on my figure. Although I was allowed to look through all the dresses and try on what I wanted, she made me try on 2 dresses which I did not like on the hanger. I am very happy about that because those were the 2 dresses that I wound up narrowing my search down to by the end of the night. I was there for at least 2 hours, and actually purchased the dress that I initially told her I didn't like. I put it on, and I knew it was "the dress." They do cut the manufacturer name tags out of the dresses, but they leave the rest of the tags in. I know that you can get dresses cheaper on the net, but I wanted to buy mine from a bridal store so I did not have to deal with trying to find a seamstress to alter the gown. Best of luck with your search!! I'm on to the world of bridemsaid dresses next!

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