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    Default DBS vs. Bridal Quote

    Newbie here: Can someone explain whether the bridal quote that's part of the Fields' website ( has anything to do with DBS or are they completely separate operations?

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    Default RE: DBS vs. Bridal Quote

    We should probably have explained this better on our web page, so here goes!

    BridalQuote is a free service we (Denise & Alan Fields) run on our web page We take gown quote requests and email those off to half a dozen top bridal discounteres we think are reputable (hint: they are the same ones we review in BRIDAL BARGAINS).

    DBS is one of those companies that receives the quotes, but they have nothing to do with running BridalQuote or, of course. You will probably receive 3-4 replies to a request, depending on the designer requested, etc.

    Hope that helps,
    Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

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