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    Default Pearl's Shady Quote Experience

    I recently called to get a quote on a dress and soonafter misplaced my notes. When I called to confirm the quote I remembered, I was quoted a figure $600 higher than before for the same dress. The sales person didn't seem to care that I was quoted a lower price previously by the same shop. I wrote to Fred Schulman, who is usually very quick to reply via e-mail, requesting my original quote be honored and he has not replied.

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    I have had nothing less that the most amazing experiences with Pearl's Place. First of all there is the wonderful speed of emails from Fred. Then when you call the store you speak with one of the owners, I believe Elaine is Fred's wife and Courtney their daughter. Othere internet providers have been less friendly and helpful. I see a number of messages about Bridesave, but my experience is that they were not authorized for who they say they are. Check the company sites under Wheeler and Midland, Texas and they are not listed. As to RK, well you call and a speak at times with a lady who you cannot understand and has little information. My gown came in very early, as did my maids and they were perfect. I also have visited the store as my father lives near New Orleans. Very busy and cramped but that should be no reason not to use this wonderful store. I have not a single complaint with them and lots of complaints about most of the other vendors who are not totally truthful. I am sure that there must have been some reason for your experience, perhaps new rules from that company, or something like that.

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    I ordered my Diamond Collection gown from Pearl's on March 7th and it was shipped out to me on April 11th - I couldn't believe it! The dress is beautiful, exactly what I wanted and looked great when I took it out of the box. And I saved $700! I was nervous to order from Pearl's because of some of the posts I've seen here but having done it, I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone. Elaine was great, offering encouragement and support whenever I acted like a nervous bride. It was definitely a good experience. I love a good deal! :P

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