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    Default Bridals by Roma in NJ

    Has anyone had good experiences with this store? I ordered my dress from them and I read a post that said they were bad. I had a very lovely saleswoman and she was very accomodating to myself and my sister her 3 children and my mother when I went in to try on gowns. I don't know why I listen to others but I am soo nervous the purchase was large and i hope I am getting what I want and good service. I cannot find my dres anywhere else and.. Oh stop kristen, it is ordered and you cannot cancel it now so stop obsessing. Help does anyone else feel this way? Kristen

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    Default RE: Bridals by Roma in NJ

    I didn't like them just for the fact they would not match prices. "We have the lowest prices in the area and this is why everyone comes to us."

    A Venus I was interested in was $200 cheaper in RK and $200 cheaper on bridesave. I didn't get the Venus, but if I did, Id have gotten it from RK or bridesave and not Roma's.

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