Don't go the Here Comes The Bride Salon in San Diego!
They rip out all tags!!!
This particular bridal salon practice was I believe illegal. All the gowns had all of their tags ripped out. There was no way to see who was the designer, the size, style number, material content, etc. The bridal salon DIDN'T even have their own tags in them. There was nothing. I asked on each gown who was the designer and the saleswoman(Eva)said that the designer didn't want them to tell us but to just focus on the price of the gown. She had also stated that they didn't know themselves that they had only special codes and they could only find out when you place and order for the gown. I asked for a specific designer which they said they carried on their website but didn't show me any of that designer. I don't know if they even carry the designers they say. I think it is unfair to future brides not to know who and what they are getting when purchasing an item for such a large amount of money.